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a field of force surrounding a charged particle

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Later, we investigate the effect of the electric field strength on the fiber diameter in more detail.
A multiple wire and plate design with longer plate lengths and sustained electric field strength was developed to address low PM adhesion issues and allow greater collection surface for prolonged operations.
From the viewpoint of the cooling capacity control, it is quite desirable that the flow rate can be controlled linearly by modifying the applied electric field strength.
In three-dimensional space, two-photon absorption occurs only in the region having a large electric field strength at the focus where laser rays are converged through a lens.
If the microwave's electric field strength is high enough, a condition known as thermal runaway can be induced in the wood.
A Maxwell SV (Ansoft Corporation) program was used for modeling the electric fields, whereby the electric field strength is inversely proportional to TCD.
This step was followed with a pulse treatment for 50 ms or 60 ms at an electric field strength of 40 kV per cm or for 33 ms at 50 kV per cm.
And finally, the effect of the average electric field strength was studied comparing three arrangements where both distance and voltage were varied.
The figure shows that the field-interference caused by the T-4 electrode was high near the nozzle, but the electric field strength near the nozzle tip using the T-4 electrode, driving electrostatic force applied in the nozzle tip used to generate nanofibers decreased markedly relative to the T-1 and T-5 electrodes.
Figure 4 shows the flow curve of shear stress obtained from the CSR test for 20 vol% suspension of the copolyaniline (COPA2) at different electric field strength.
The effects of electric field strength, the number of pulses and the total treatment time were studied on the organoleptic properties, color, flavor, malic acid content, vitamin C content, nonenzymatic browning index, hydroxymethylfurfurol content, microbial condition and shelf life of apple juices.
Yield stress is primarily affected by electric field strength and volume fraction.
rms] is the root mean square value of the electric field strength in the gasket, and V is the volume of the gasket.
This corresponds to the measurement of the proportionality factor [Gamma][prime] between strain and the square of the electric field strength.