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a flow of electricity through a conductor

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Physicists already knew that the spins of electrons in an electric current initially point in random directions, but as the current passes through a magnet, the spins take on the magnet's orientation.
The electric current is delivered through the adhesive electrode pads and into the victim's chest.
Embedded in the metal-detector head are three copper coils, When you flip the handle's "on" switch, an electric current generated by a 9-volt battery flows to the coils and produces a magnetic field, the area around a magnet (metallic object usually made of iron, nickel, copper, or cobalt) that exerts a pushing or pulling force.
In the coreless induction furnace, the power coil carries an electric current which establishes a magnetic field.
It was unclear as to what was conducting the current, but the researchers imagined the electric currents might run between different bacteria via a joint external wiring network.
As the maglev speeds along the track, alternating electric currents that pass through each coil in the guideway walls constantly change the coil's magnetic polarity (see diagram).
The product, tradenamed GlucoWatch, works by sending tiny electric currents through the skin to measure glucose levels every 20 minutes - even while patients are sleeping.
For example, by carefully monitoring electric currents, resistances, magnetic fields, and other properties of supercold microstructures, physicists made two Nobel prize-winning discoveries.
Not far off, say the technology's developers, are photonic microcircuits that process light beams the way today's microelectronics chips process electric currents.
Microscopic defects on metal surfaces create sites where salt ions carry electric currents and trigger these oxidizing reactions.
For instance, electric currents in concrete might hasten corrosion of reinforcing steel bars.
Since, as magnetic fields change, they induce electric currents in a conductor, the coil that delivered the magnetic pulses also serves as a receiver, registering the tiny currents caused by the gyrating fields.
Basic physics says that electric currents give rise to magnetic fields and moving magnets generate electric currents.
This link suggested that electric currents could be applied as therapy.
They realized that some of the 1989 disturbances resulted when the storms caused a sudden intensification of electric currents that run eastward in Earth's ionosphere.