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a clock using a small electric motor

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In 1930 Sessions Clock manufactured electric clocks as well as traditional brass movements and timers for radios, televisions and devices.
There was a built up need in the market for things like electric clocks and flat irons and that kind of thing.
There is also a collection of early electric clocks by famous high quality makers.
In addition to the organ, there are pianos, smaller organs, vintage gumball and pinball machines and an impressive collection of electric clocks.
Next was a trip to the Mold area where I encountered a good collection of electric clocks by the makers Boulle, Eureka and Brille.
There are no electric clocks in the shop, unless you count the internal clock in his computer.
The outages have been inconvenient because the air conditioning shuts off and he and his family need to reset all the electric clocks in the house, he said.