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the quantity of unbalanced electricity in a body (either positive or negative) and construed as an excess or deficiency of electrons

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The capacitor charge is proportional to the potential, and it is easy to determine the satiation potential [phi] when the number of electric charges becomes equal with the number of electrons carrying the charges.
These scientists have managed to show that electric charges affect the freezing temperature of water.
A partial stratification can be noticed, in the case of the tests where powders cladded with electric charges were used in the metallization process, and a total stratification of the deposit layer in the case of classic test.
3 Statistics of "Fairness, Openness and Justice" Transaction and Accounting of Electric Charges in China's Electricity Industry, 2008
The weak interaction is considered as an interaction between color charges and electric charges.
Electric charges have two varieties and thus three types of interactions: (1) repelling between positive electric charges [[?
The nonzero electric field divergence further gives rise to a local intrinsic electric charge density within the photon body, whereas there is a vanishing total charge of the latter.
When grains of sand and clay collide inside a dust devil, they generate electric charges, says William M.
From the way the electrons scatter off the particles, it's been possible to infer the locations and strengths of the electric charges and magnetic fields of the nucleons.
This program provides for a 50 percent reduction in base bill electric charges for one year.
An aerosol's additional material can form a structure, host long-lasting chemical reactions, store electric charges, and otherwise account for observed ball-lightning properties, Turner and others argue.
It might also help usher in microcircuits that exploit electrons' electric charges and also spin, a magnetic property of electrons (SN:3/4/00, p.
When electric charges are placed on the electrodes, the liquid crystals' orientation changes and so does light's ability to pass through the pair of polarizing sheets.
The compounds consist of repeating horizontal layers of copper and oxygen atoms separated by layers of transition metals, such as lanthanum and yttrium, which contribute mobile, positive electric charges known as holes.
Conventional toner is a mix of plastic resin, colorant and chemical additives that control the electric charges of the toner.