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a musician who play the bass viol

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In fact, since his first visit, the supercharged improvisational work-outs of Krantz and his colleagues, electric bassist Tim Lefebvre and drummer Keith Carlock, have come to define the current state of electric jazz.
A stripped-down version of Firefall (electric guitarist Jock Bartley, acoustic guitarist Steve Thomas, and electric bassist Steve Weinmeister) warmed up a crowd of some 400 country music fans with its own hits.
If you want the 2014 equivalent of 1987 Loose Tubes excitement, then I would look no further than Snarky Puppy, the collective that grew out of a Texas university jazz course and, under the leadership of live-wire electric bassist Michael League, has become the sensation of every festival or venue they have played over the last few years.
The show featured a live band, consisting of lead guitarist Eddie Darst, guitarist Joan Burton, electric bassist Daryn Owen, keyboardist and guitarist David Krol, and drummer Freddie Trumbower.
Other artists appearing on the CD include master mandolinist Don Stiernberg, double bassist Hans Sturm, 5-string electric bassist Bob Lizik of the Brian Wilson Ensemble, alto flutist Rich Fudoli and Tony Dale (Chi Lites, Duke of Earl) on the drums.
Associate professor Jenifer Craig's "Comings and Goings" is danced to a live, original score by electric bassist John Craig.
Into The Woodwork The Swallow Quintet Electric bassist Steve Swallow is a master of the quiet, chamber jazz style, which is eloquently revealed in Sad Old Candle, the opening piece of this collection from his latest band.
Stern and his band (tenor saxophonist Bob Malach, electric bassist Tom Kennedy, and drummer Dave Weckl) turned in a powerful concert that drew close to 500 fusion fans, many of them students at the city's colleges.
In addition, acclaimed acoustic and electric bassist Christian McBride, tenor saxophonist James Carter, saxophonist and flutist James Moody, tenor saxophonist, Pete Christlieb, drummer Vinnie Colaiuta and pianist Roger Kellaway will join in a musical tribute to Clint Eastwood composed and arranged by Lennie Niehaus (who has collaborated on many of Eastwood's films).
Best known as the dazzling electric bassist for banjo player Bela Fleck and the Flecktones, Wooten has steadily earned praise for his own high-intensity stage show, which he constantly tinkers with.
The band started out at a Texan jazz college but, under the tireless leadership of electric bassist and composer Michael League, has developed into one of the most exciting live acts around.
The album reveals a distinguished cast of noteworthy players, including famed upright bassist Christian McBride, electric bassist Jimmy Johnson, drummers Vinnie Colaiuta and Abe Laboriel, Jr.
The quartet features pianist Gwilym Simcock and guitarist Mike Walker from the UK with electric bassist Steve Swallow and drummer Adam Nussbaum, all great players and, Nussbaum aside, bandleaders in their own right.
There are some fine solos from members of the NDR, but the chief credits need to go to Gurtu and Phillips, and also to electric bassist Michel Alibo.
The 1224 Project is guitarist Dylan Kay, electric bassist Leslee Booth and drummer David Bouet.