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Synonyms for elector



Synonyms for elector

one who votes

Synonyms for elector

a citizen who has a legal right to vote

any of the German princes who were entitled to vote in the election of new emperor of the Holy Roman Empire

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The Congress may determine the Time of chusing the Electors, and the Day on which they shall give their Votes; which Day shall be the same throughout the United States.
Master Simon Sanguin, the Elector of Picardy, with his wife on the crupper
The night afore the last day o' the last election here, the opposite party bribed the barmaid at the Town Arms, to hocus the brandy-and-water of fourteen unpolled electors as was a-stoppin' in the house.
There were electors on horseback and electors afoot.
The friends of Horatio Fizkin, Esquire, having had their innings, a little choleric, pink-faced man stood forward to propose another fit and proper person to represent the electors of Eatanswill in Parliament; and very swimmingly the pink-faced gentleman would have got on, if he had not been rather too choleric to entertain a sufficient perception of the fun of the crowd.
The speeches of the two candidates, though differing in every other respect, afforded a beautiful tribute to the merit and high worth of the electors of Eatanswill.
A small body of electors remained unpolled on the very last day.
The German elector was proclaimed king from the balcony of the town- house in Boston, by the title of George I.
In remorse the Sovereign Elector deprived himself of political influence by learning to read.
In my view, the proposals (including the position of an elected mayor, who appears to have some form of veto, on decisions) need to be properly considered by the electors as a whole.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- IPSOS published this week the results of its three surveys on the political approval of electors.
However, his win does raise an interesting question for Welsh electors - some Tory AMs appear not to have any real interest or commitment to the institution.
Tenders are invited for Proposes to select one Computer Firm for the revision of electoral rolls and preparation of Electors Photo Identity Cards (EPICs) for Nabarangpur Sub-Division.
Millions of electors are permanently registered for postal votes.
While it's fruitless to analyse first past the post results, one can at least note that 24,915 electors who voted in 2010 in R&W did not vote in the 2014 by-election.