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Synonyms for elector



Synonyms for elector

one who votes

Synonyms for elector

a citizen who has a legal right to vote

any of the German princes who were entitled to vote in the election of new emperor of the Holy Roman Empire

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The Congress may determine the Time of chusing the Electors, and the Day on which they shall give their Votes; which Day shall be the same throughout the United States.
The friends of Horatio Fizkin, Esquire, having had their innings, a little choleric, pink-faced man stood forward to propose another fit and proper person to represent the electors of Eatanswill in Parliament; and very swimmingly the pink-faced gentleman would have got on, if he had not been rather too choleric to entertain a sufficient perception of the fun of the crowd.
The speeches of the two candidates, though differing in every other respect, afforded a beautiful tribute to the merit and high worth of the electors of Eatanswill.
A small body of electors remained unpolled on the very last day.
Master Simon Sanguin, the Elector of Picardy, with his wife on the crupper
Markham electors had the option of voting from home, their workplace, a library or public place where Internet was available, as well as at touch-screen kiosks that were set up in city hall.
ANKARA, Sep 12, 2010 (TUR) -- Turkish electors ended casting votes in the referendum on a constitutional amendment package on Sunday.
A total of 26,84,300 electors were eligible to cast their vote to decide the fate of 233 candidates in 14 constituencies.
We argue that because of the States' specific enumerated power in Article II Section 1 to provide for the appointment of electors, combined with doctrinal precedent, First and Second order Constitutional principles are created that should be seriously considered in any challenge to States' Article II power of electoral selection.
The objective of the workshop was to deepen the knowledge base on Aboriginal turnout in Canada and examine factors that engage Aboriginal electors in voting.
In each state, each candidate is represented by a slate of electors.
With new cardinals elevated in the November 24 consistory, the College of Cardinals has 201 members, of whom 120 are electors (under 80 years old and thus could vote in a conclave to elect a pope).
371, and requires petition forms to be signed by the constitutionally required distribution of electors in addition to the constitutionally required number of electors currently required under law.
It was attended by five hundred other presidential electors plus their spouses and children.
Each state's legislature is encouraged to enact legislation establishing a new, uniform method of selecting presidential electors.