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Labour MP Gisela Stuart, who is in favour of electorial reform, but not AV, said Mr Clegg supported "an unfair, disproportional, miserable little compromise".
In addition to foreign militants, the local religious groups under the banner of MMA exploited the FATA people anti-American and pro -Al Qaeda and Afghan Taliban sentiments for maximizing its electorial success in 2002 general elections.
Cllr Flint Town Council leader Ian Roberts said there is a need for an electorial review in Flint, but it must be put in place through community consultation.
Jacques Edouard Alexis, a former two-time prime minister and another presidential hopeful, and Leslie Voltaire, a US-educated urban planner and former minister, have also faced scrutiny from the electorial commission.
The Iraqi Independent High Electorial Commission has approved 6,200
Special interests include political parties, electorial behavior, and religion and politics.
Un indicador de su vigencia seria la critica despro porcionada de estos sectores hacia el candidato Ollanta Humala, lider del Partido Nacionalista Pe ruano y excomandante del Ejercito, que durante el ultimo proceso electorial peruano apelo a un discurso nacionalista que se presentaba como heredero del Velasquismo.
He finally ended up in a ministerial position with the electorial defeat of the conservative Kohl government by the coalition of Social Democrats and Green Party, headed by Chancellor Gerhard Schroder, in 1998.
Ministers of all parties have been too reluctant to bring forward or decide on proposals for fear of the electorial consequences, said the committee.
9] Scott's fear of the possible recurrence of civil conflict was due to various reasons: agitation for Catholic Emancipation, which he opposed; resentment of Corn Law and taxes on imports and exports of manufactured goods, namely the quest for Free Trade; the financial panic of 1825-26 which devastated him financially; and the wrathful disputes over the necessary reforms of the electorial and parliamentary systems of representation, what was known as the problem of the rotten boroughs.
Because there are problems with out electorial laws.
We have many Greens running for office, so for those of you on the electorial bandwagon there will be many more options this year.
Studying Courts, supra note 8, at 25 (arguing that institutional arrangements exert not only independent influence on judicial choice but also affect other variables and that any explanation of judicial decision making necessitates examination of institutional arrangements); Melinda Gann Hall, Electorial Politics and Strategic Voting in State Supreme Courts, 54 J.
Last summer it decided that, in order to improve its electorial prospects, it should imitate Tony Blair's New Labour and be friendly to business.
Donors were exhorted to stop the "anti-family, anti-Christian Left" from making electorial gains and were warned that if they failed to contribute, Rep.