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I believe that electoral systems that facilitate, rather than require, diverse outcomes are preferable.
Majority-based electoral systems are designed to ensure that candidates are not elected without majority support.
Executing Agency - Partner: IFES - International Foundation for Electoral Systems
One of the strengths of the Law Commission's review of electoral reform is the recognition that a change in the electoral system will not guarantee that the concerns facing Canada's democracy will be eliminated.
Along with the change to the electoral system, Mr Hain's bill will also see the post-2007 Assembly having the power to draw up its own laws, which are then speeded through Westminster using a procedure known as an Order in Council.
The above has focused on how the Court might consider a challenge to the electoral system.
Widespread public debate on improving Serbia s electoral system will be held, with participation from the Ministry of Public Administration and Local Self-Government.
The opposition Democratic Party of Japan, the Japanese Communist Party, the Social Democratic Party and the Liberal Party have been boycotting most Diet business since Monday to protest plans to change the electoral system.
Analysis of electoral systems in different countries shows that minorities and women, in particular, fare much better under the various systems of PR than under FPTP.
The final sixth weekend had to be devoted to approval of the final report which meant that there were four substantive weekends to choose alternative electoral systems, work up viable models that reflected the assembly's priority principles and to compare those to the present system.
Funded by: International Foundation for Electoral Systems - IFES
More than a year ago Erdoy-an proposed two alternative electoral systems, toward which the AKP is currently working.
To start our undertaking, we assume that proportional representation on closed lists is not the most efficient type of electoral systems, especially in Romania's case, as Cristian Preda asserts, even though our country used this kind of electoral system after 1990, it actually triggered the effects of a majority system (Preda, 2001: 217-246), offering considerable advantages to large parties.
The workshop is aimed at explaining electoral systems worldwide and outlining the fundamental changes that have taken place in Yemen's electoral system.