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A delayed public consultation on amending electoral methods for the two elections in 2012 will finally commence next month, he said.
Pro-democracy legislators have threatened to resign en masse if the consultation fails to also cover the electoral methods of elections in 2017 and 2020.
The Government today (December 4) published the "Consultation Document on the Methods for Selecting the Chief Executive in 2017 and for Forming the Legislative Council in 2016" to consult the public on the two electoral methods.
On legislator election, the paper suggests three options that include direct election for all 60 legislators; adopting more democratic electoral methods regarding the 30 functional constituency seats; and replacing the FC seats with district council members.
The Beijing-appointed leader stopped short of giving any details of how the electoral methods should be amended.
What constituency boundaries and electoral methods and so on?
About 30 councils employed a range of electoral methods, including all-postal ballots, touch-screen voting, internet voting on council websites, mobile phone text messaging and extended hours in polling booths.
The Chief Executive announced on October 17 the immediate establishment of the Task Force on Constitutional Development headed by the Chief Secretary, with the Secretary for Justice and Secretary for Constitutional & Mainland Affairs as members, to handle the public consultation on the two electoral methods.
He said the Government will reserve adequate time for the public to give opinions on the electoral methods, and will announce the timetable in due course.
If no amendment is to be made, the existing electoral methods should continue to be applicable, the interpretations said.
The statement added that the government task force on political review will fully take into account the views of various sectors of the community and will respond to the question of whether electoral methods for the chief executive and the legislature after 2007 need to be changed.
Hong Kong must listen to the views of Beijing when the former British colony examines the electoral methods of its chief executive and legislature, Chinese officials said Tuesday.
The electoral methods should be advantageous to strengthening and perfecting the executive-led political system, as well as to the participation of various strata of the society in order to maintain Hong Kong's long-term prosperity and stability, Xinhua reported.