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the body of voters who elect a representative for their area

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It contained other measures, as well, including a change to the composition of future electoral boundary commissions, and a requirement that the Legislative Assembly approve, by resolution, reports of future commissions and that government introduce legislation to establish new electoral districts in accordance with those proposals.
In March, the Supreme Constitutional Court (SCC) ruled the Electoral Districts Law unconstitutional, resulting in the postponement of parliamentary elections until the questioned law is amended.
Aoun said the two draft laws approved by the Bkirki committee did not include the March 14 proposal to divide Lebanon into 61 electoral districts with a winner-takes-all system.
The party's decision to limit the number of candidates it will field in single-seat electoral districts reflects its tight finances.
Accordingly, among its recommendations, Commission has advised that 44% or 12 of the province's electoral districts should be comprised of electors, the majority of whom reside within those municipalities.
The SCC, while it announced that Article 3 of the electoral districts law is unconstitutional, refused other appeals on the law defining political rights issued ahead of last May's presidential elections.
He accused anyone opting for an electoral law which embraced more than 13 electoral districts of planning to fragment Lebanon and seeking their personal and immediate interests.
The electoral districts were divided as follows: two for Beirut, two for south Lebanon, three for the Bekaa, three for north Lebanon and three for Mount Lebanon.
It also plans to cooperate with other opposition parties in some 40 electoral districts.
The Electoral Districts Law was issued by President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi last December, and includes two sections.
Other suggestions were made to shift from suggested thirteen electoral districts to fifty constituencies.
He added that a system of 15 electoral districts would raise the number of parliamentary seats chosen by Christians to 51.
outlines three models for electoral districts for the first Nunavut Legislative Assembly.
The Supreme Constitutional Court has deemed the Electoral Districts Law unconstitutional.
NNA - 27/9/2012 - AN-NAHAR: Syrian military headquarters bombed and stormed Ibrahimi seeks a meeting between Cabinet and opposition March 14 project: 50 electoral districts each with two or three deputies Bkirki's committee meets soon and Jumblatt no one consults us on districts ASSAFIR: Christian division on small districts.