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the body of voters who elect a representative for their area

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His Royal Highness Prime Minister Prince Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa last night issued a resolution on demarcating municipal electoral districts, constituencies and sub-committees.
The major changes include a decrease in the present fifty-two to fifty-one electoral districts and a resetting either by the removal of or the addition of territory to most of the districts.
The successful candidates, by electoral district, were:
Prince Edward Island, the PEI Court of Appeal referred to the need for "judicial deference" to the legislature in the area of electoral boundaries despite a lack of explicit or coherent justification for large inequalities in electoral district populations.
The government also transferred civil servants who violated the ban from their electoral district to another one as a form of punishment.
A staggering 18,000 voters' names are missing from the list of voters in yzmir's first electoral district and 16,000 more names have disappeared from the city's second electoral district list.
The party said their initiative, 'the Unified Project', will produce a conclusive perspective that includes all the founding parties' suggestions on amending the unconstitutional electoral districts law, according to the party's statement.
In 2009-2010, the Electoral Boundaries Commission conducted public hearings throughout the province to receive input on changes to Alberta's electoral district boundaries.
They are against the current model in which the sixth electoral district has 314 thousand votes but gives 20 MPs and the same number of MPs are received in the 3rd and 4th electoral districts with 283 i.
The elections were scheduled to take place in March, but the constitutionality of the electoral district law was questioned resulting in the postponement of the elections until the law's amendment.
The recall petition in the Oak Bay-Gordon Head electoral district has failed as the proponent did not collect enough valid signatures to warrant a full verification process.
The possible adoption of one electoral district will contribute for increasing the number of Albanian MPs in the Assembly.
The 1960 law, which adopted the qada as an electoral district and is based on a winner-take-all system, has been rejected by officials on both sides of the political divide, as well as by the Maronite Church.
Vice President of the Assembly and BDI member Rafis Aliti supports the initiative Macedonia to become one electoral district with open electoral lists.
The law adopts the qada as an electoral district and is based on a winner-takes-all-system.