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Employers who offered no objections to this minimum wage increase during the electoral campaign, probably because of the possible furious reaction by the president, are now complaining openly.
The committee can impose the following penalties: Issue a warning to exclude a member of an electoral authority from the list of electoral authorities or from candidate lists in both the original and supplementary elections; exclusion of names from the candidates lists, even if lists are considered final; cancellation of campaign licences granted to candidates; a mandatory fine that does not exceed Dh5,000; directing a candidate to hand over any amount that was obtained by the candidate outside the executive instruction frameworks; ordering a candidate to remove any violations related to the electoral campaign and compensate for any damages that may result from these violations at the candidate's own expense; and cancelling the electoral results in the respective emirate.
According to Youssef, the meeting also assessed the regional tours carried out by the NCP's presidential nominee Omer Hassan al-Bashir during the electoral campaign, saying they praised the outcome of those tours which drew millions of supporters.
Others in showbiz showing Sisi some love are director Khaled Youssef, who's taken on the full responsibility of organizing Sisi's electoral campaign .
In Dolj County, according to the law, the electoral campaign started on Friday, the 11th of May and ended on the 9th of June 2012 and the voting process took place between 7 a.
The provincial candidates electoral campaign will begin on March 4 and will end on April 2, according to the electoral timeline, the IEC official said.
The "Electoral Preparation" Programme aims to attract Bahraini women vying to run for the 2014 municipal and parliamentary elections, and focuses on a number of themes, including the creation of electoral campaign teams, skills to win support, ways of dealing with the mass media and monitoring elections.
Under French regulations presidential candidates are due a rebate for electoral campaign costs.
We consider this decision a great offence, which repeats the practice of imposing political party tapes as coverage of the electoral campaign, the union said in a statement.
In reference to the elections, he said, "This electoral campaign has enjoyed good civic behavior and organization.
At the HNEC headquarters Saturday, the chairman of the Electoral Commission, Mr Nuri Khalifa al Abbar announced to journalists that the starting date of the electoral campaign for the forthcoming election for the General National Congress, will commence on Monday, June 18 to continue until Thursday July 5, two days before the election.
Summary: A leftist congressional candidate in Mexico has stripped off as part of her electoral campaign, posing topless for a billboard.
This is not just because Netanyahu absolutely rejects those borders, or even discussing a permanent solution, but because Obama himself has become a lame duck with the start of his electoral campaign.
The electoral campaign is not being run correctly in the province, and it is hard for some lists to campaign for themselves freely there.
Barham Salih said: "We hope the electoral campaign among the political blocs is modern, democratic, far from defamation and to proceed according to the laws set by the Independent High Electoral Commission.