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a commission delegated to supervise an election

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All LIEC on the territory are in possession of their voting materials, "said Christian Brou, Expert Logistician on the Independent Electoral Commission.
The Electoral Commission Act gives power to the President to designate the Chairperson of the Electoral Commission from amongst the commissioners of the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC).
The EC said in a statement, Rashid represented during the meeting, the challenges and obstacles faced by the Commission over the past years, despite the significant insisting to carry out its tasks, particularly in the last year parliamentary elections, praising the United Nations High support for the Electoral Commission.
Alex Robertson, of the Electoral Commission, said it was "absolutely fantastic" that more than two million people had applied to register to vote over the last few weeks.
In effect, the security services withdrew their support for the preferred electoral timetable of the electoral commission.
Although Vladimir Churov, the Russian electoral commission head also lauded the vote, he told the state news agency RIA Novosti that "there's no such thing as totally clean elections" and said his team would discuss "certain remarks on the organisation of the voting" with local authorities.
CAIRO - Egypt's administrative court formally delayed Tuesday this month's parliamentary election, after the electoral commission announced it would not be held on time due to legal obstacles.
Completed Nominations and Candidate Profiles must be received by the Returning officer, NSW Electoral Commission by no later than 12.
The Electoral Commission hopes that the new online process will encourage more UK nationals living overseas to register to take part in elections from overseas, said an announcement from the British High Commission in Nicosia.
Earlier this year the city was named as a voting fraud hotspot by the Electoral Commission.
Bulgaria's Parliament has appointed the new Central Electoral Commission management in a heated session, Thursday.
The Electoral Commission listed 16 areas at risk of electoral fraud and called for police, local authorities and political parties to take tough action in May to combat it.
He asKed the Electoral Commission to LOOK into the matter.
KUWAIT, June 19 (KUNA) -- The Kuwait Cabinet's Fatwa and Legislation Department defended itself Wednesday against accusations of being responsible for the Supreme Constitutional Court's dissolution of the parliament due to the non-constitutionality of the electoral commission law.
Only postal votes and complaints from a municipal electoral commission or a political party will be handled by the Central Electoral Commission.