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Various courts have found that elective abortion constitutes a serious medical need.
18] Similarly, a consent process approved by the institutional review board at Yale University School of Medicine would leave uncertain the precise eventual use of any tissue obtained after elective abortion.
It would have been a heartbreaker" if the Senate bill had included federal funding of elective abortion, she said.
The bill would also not require coverage of elective abortions in cases of pregnancy resulting from rape or incest.
While elective abortion coverage may be included in some of the exchange plans that are eligible for federal subsidies for less well-off families, the new law prohibits the use of any taxpayer money for such abortions.
After receiving the bill, the woman's health insurance provider declined to pay, as elective abortions are not covered by their insurance policy.
Screening for HCG levels about 3 weeks after an elective abortion could save hundreds of women in the United States from the consequences of undiagnosed gestational trophoblastic neoplasia, Michael J.
The elective abortion vignette described a pregnant woman with a family history of a genetic disease who requests an abortion.
Respondents were asked "Are women at your facility allowed to obtain an elective abortion if they request one?
The bishops of Kansas are quoted in this editorial as follows: "When there is no choice of a candidate that avoids supporting intrinsically evil actions, especially elective abortion, Catholics should vote in such a way as to follow the least harm to innocent human life and dignity.
The questions concerned only the relevance of elective abortion, to the exclusion of other issues important to the transplantation of fetal tissue.
You [Rand Paul] are a strong advocate for life: you support pro-life legislation and you oppose the use of federal funding for elective abortion.
The leadership of HHS should be made to explain before the American people, why 1,036 Obamacare exchange plans cover elective abortion at the expense of taxpayer funds?
Nothing restricts a federal employee from seeking additional coverage of elective abortion services at 100 percent premium cost to the enrollee.
There is no credible evidence that a single elective abortion of an unwanted pregnancy in and of itself causes mental health problems for adult women.