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Synonyms for recount

Synonyms for recount

to give a verbal account of

Synonyms for recount

an additional (usually a second) count

narrate or give a detailed account of

count again

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The court hearing to determine whetherthe votes in Limassol's mayoral electionwill berecounted was adjourned on Wednesday for May 10, which will take it three days past the three-month deadline allowed for election recounts.
Those include reports on segregated schools, the Franken-Coleman Senate election recount, female combat troops in Iraq, problems with the state attorney general's office, and a MinnPost columnist.
Bush's favor in the Florida election recount case -- and asked again in November 2004, after Bush won a bitterly fought contest against John Kerry for a second term as president.
As international observers criticised an election recount in Zimbabwe, Foreign Secretary David Miliband raised fears its president was orchestrating a "charade of democracy".
John Martin served as the powerful Democratic Speaker of the House for nearly two decades--until he was forced to resign during a close election recount.
Bush during the Presidential election recount controversy in Florida.
The final 2000 election recount showed that George W.
TIE: Are you surprised, given everything the United States has gone through, including an unprecedented election recount, the Fed's slashing of short-term interest rates, the bursting of the equity bubble, and all the rest, that the dollar has not gone into a free fall in relative terms?
On Sunday, Baker, secretary of state from 1989 to 1992 in the elder Bush's administration and a key adviser to the president during the 2000 presidential election recount in Florida, argued in a guest column in The New York Times that Bush should not unilaterally initiate military action and instead should seek new authorization from the U.
The state brought in the machines after outlawing their old punch card systems in the wake of the 2000 US presidential election recount debacles.
Fletcher's afterword on the 2000 presidential election recount in Florida concludes his tedious sermonizing: "Allow me to end with a vision of another great awakening: .
In addition, a Nielsen study showed that, among households that get all three cable news channels, CNN lost many viewers during last fall's presidential election recount in Florida at the same time that viewers flocked to MSNBC and Fox.
In order to avoid such problems in the future, Judge Burton stressed the importance of the Florida Legislature adopting uniform election recount standards.
Johnson, a principal with Highland Capital Brokerage, said clients have postponed decisions on large purchases, initially because of the presidential election, then the Florida election recount and then to wait for the outcome of potential estate-tax modifications.
Yet most observers expect no major action until the resolution of the bitter presidential election recount between Democratic Vice President Al Gore and Republican Texas Gov.