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Synonyms for recount

Synonyms for recount

to give a verbal account of

Synonyms for recount

an additional (usually a second) count

narrate or give a detailed account of

count again

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What instructions or guidance did Bush and Catherine Harris discuss concerning the slow walk in the election recount until the US Supreme Court finally said "enough?
They contend that 2016 campaign media has ignored questions on Bush's role, documented in the article from phone logs and emails, in slow-walking the 2000 election recount, and suppressing Democratic votes earlier, until the election was stopped by the Supreme Court.
Taking the oath after a tortured and still-controversial election recount in Florida, the president began his term under a cloud of uncertainty and, in some quarters, suspicion.
military mission in Haiti, the 1999 conflict in Kosovo and the 2000 election recount in Florida.
It's been four months since the School Committee election recount and the City Council is still talking about it.
Ironically, after the 2000 Election recount made "chads" infamous, Florida has recorded two shark attacks involving surfers named "Chad"
Certainly, the coverage of the Clinton impeachment (and other political dramas, like the 2000 election recount fight) led many people who once considered the media relatively neutral purveyors of the news to see the Washington press corps' significant faults.
The Council, through its members, will be readily available to assist state and local election officials in any post election recount or contest.
THE complicated NFL play-off picture makes the Florida presidential election recount look like a coin-toss, but certain things are clear.
Rushford's explanation that "fatigue" affected election recount workers last November should put no one's mind at rest.
Kennedy has dealt with media covering such events as former Presidents Clinton and Bush's work on tsunami relief; the opening of the Clinton Presidential Center and the publication of "My Life;" Senator Clinton's legislative efforts in the aftermath of the 9/ll attacks; the Starr investigation and the impeachment trial of President Clinton; and the 2000 election recount.
THE result of the crucial US presidential election recount in Florida will be announced on the internet, it was revealed yesterday.
Rushford says fatigue among those who worked the marathon School Committee election recount was an underlying factor in several candidates' ending up with fewer votes compared to their original vote totals tallied by machines.
Levick has handled the media on the highest-profile matters, from Napster and the Florida election recount to the Catholic Church controversy and the Rosie O'Donnell Rosie magazine lawsuit.