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the body of voters who elect a representative for their area

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The orders similarly relieved county election officials of their duty to issue voter-registration certificates because "county election precinct boundaries will not be finalized.
That doesn't mean he has dropped out of everything, however, or that Joyce has given up her longtime service as an election precinct worker.
He pointed out that under Section 42 of the election code, the chair of the board of election tellers shall order the use of the public school or any other public building within the barangay as a polling place in case the barangay has one election precinct.
They will have the option to have their names transferred to a more accessible election precinct where they can be more comfortable," she said.
The bill adjusts the minimum salary grade level of Comelec employees with the following positions: Provincial Election Supervisor I (SG 23), Provincial Election Supervisor II (SG 24), Provincial Election Supervisor III (SG 25) are upgraded to Salary Grade 26 while the current SG 26 for Provincial Election Supervisor IV stays; Regional Election Attorney from SG 21 to SG 25; Election Precincts Analyst I from SG 10 to SG 13; Election Precincts Analyst II from SG 14 to SG 17; Election Officer IV (outside NCR) from SG 21 to SG 24; Election Officer IV (within NCR) from SG 21 to SG 25; Election Officer II from SG 15 to SG 18; Election Officer III from SG 18 to SG 21; Election Officer I from SG 12 to SG 15; and Election Field Officer from SG 21 to SG 24.
However, election precincts do not match up directly with the underlying census tracts as some election precincts coincide with several different census tracts.
Vowing to bring Laoagan's alleged bias to the Supreme Court, Rivilla said the judge nullified 87 percent of the PCOS voting results in 15 election precincts after he ordered a recount of the 2013 mayoralty votes despite a Commission on Election (Comelec) temporary restraining order against any court action on the poll controversy.