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Synonyms for official

Synonyms for official

having or arising from authority

a person or group having the right and power to command, decide, rule, or judge


a person having administrative or managerial authority in an organization

Synonyms for official

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The features are additions to the "Town Hall" feature released in March to help Facebook users find their elected officials and connect with them over the social media site and app.
What you have to say about public policy matters to elected officials.
In Quinto vs Comelec, the Supreme Court ruled that the constitutional ban does not cover elected officials because elected officials, by the very nature of their office, engage in partisan political activities almost all year round, even outside of the campaign period.
Van Taylor of Plano, which would bar many elected officials in Texas from working as registered state lobbyists.
Most of these elected officials serve local governments and small political subdivisions.
Some elected officials promised to lower the debt, but voted to raise the debt.
Lane County commissioners voted 4-1 Wednesday to reject a committee report that recommended salary increases for most elected officials, saying it doesn't make sense to grant raises for the bosses when the county has laid off workers.
These elected officials have maintained a strong working relationship with economic development staff in their communities and expressed the common themes of communication and relationships.
If we had elected officials with goals and mandates you would see more workforce housing," Ornstein said.
In fact, the only reason the court has been involved in the education-funding debate in the first place is the failure of our elected officials to face reality and admit that the state's public education system is inequitable, and then address the problem objectively and competently.
foreign policy decisions and their impact on women around the world, and to educate women activists and leaders, including state elected officials, so they can become engaged on issues of US foreign policy.
Kirk says African Americans can contribute to redistricting reform efforts by contacting their elected officials and the Department of Justice's Civil Rights Division Voting Section if they believe their voice has been muted through the redistricting process.
Stephanie Vance is aware of what most people think motivates elected officials, but they are only partially right, the former congressional staff member says.
Here in Dallas County; there were no black elected officials because only one percent of voting-age blacks, about 250 people, were registered.