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Synonyms for official

Synonyms for official

having or arising from authority

a person or group having the right and power to command, decide, rule, or judge


a person having administrative or managerial authority in an organization

Synonyms for official

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It would apply to local elected officials and members of the State Board of Education.
This is shameful of any elected official currently in Washington.
83 percent of independent voters favor commissions and 8 percent favor elected officials.
In rejecting the pay increases, the commissioners followed the recommendation of the county budget committee, which also advised against raises for elected officials.
Elected officials are tapped into the pulse of the community and can engage constituents and rally support, however they often must take positions on political issues and often do not know or are not connected with the economic development process, on the other hand, staff have historical knowledge and critical data and information.
In 1964, there were only 300 black elected officials nationwide and just three African Americans in the Congress.
Earlier this year, as a member of the North Miami city council, I was the first elected official in Miami-Dade County to announce while holding public office that I am gay.
With state legislators, members of Congress and other elected officials competing to see who can appear the most pious, the following editorial from The Atlanta Journal-Constitution is timely.
It's the means to achieving these goals that has caused the confusion: mostly because our elected officials are confused.
Its great for a President and elected officials seeking glory to visit the troops in the field or on aircraft carriers, but none of them seems to give a second thought to what happens to the wounded after discharge.
It is the popular will and the public sentiment which must be obeyed by the elected officials, even if such sentiment itself may not be consistent.
CCRA continues to maintain the current rule that it is acceptable for a charity to make a representation to elected officials, public officials or policy makers, whether invited or not, regarding policy changes or retention.
Because our elected officials paved those avenues, barely set a speed limit, and took the cops off the beat.
The Louisiana FBI office led the nation with 31 corruption cases last year, and three of the state's eight statewide elected officials were convicted of criminal offenses: former Gov.
This summer, camps across the country are being encouraged to invite their members of Congress to visit their camp so that these elected officials can witness firsthand that camp provides essential elements critical to a child's total education.