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a common shrub with black fruit or a small tree of Europe and Asia

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The food collected depends on the season, but trips to the woodland are most likely to produce crab apples, mushrooms, or chicken of the woods, while those visiting the sea shore could come across sea spinach and samphire, and those guests heading for the hedgerows can look forward to elder flowers, nettles and blackberries.
Immerse yourself in skin-softening cocoa butter, then use the muslin bag of oats as well as the mix of elder flowers and cowslips to gently exfoliate your body.
Its leaves have been used traditionally for bruises, sprains and wounds while elder flowers have been used for colds and flu.
Decongestant: In a three to one ratio, mix elder flowers and yarrow flowers in an infusion.
Preparations made from elder flowers show evidence of anti-viral activity.