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a common shrub with black fruit or a small tree of Europe and Asia

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Elder flower - potent natural diuretic and mild laxative.
Anne's winning menu featured hedgehog surprise -burgers with carrots cunningly hidden inside -with winter salad followed by farmhouse crumble with elder flower scented sauce.
Jamie starts the lads off with a blueberry and elder flower yoghurt breakfast, followed by his own brunch breads, filled with ingredients including Parma ham and mozzarella and parmesan cheeses, or his version with chocolate spread, bananas and hazelnuts.
The first variant in the new range will be Spring Dew, a mix of cranberry juice and elder flower.
This has a faint yeasty smell which gives way to elder flower, apricots and vanilla.
Quanterra(TM) Sinus Defense is a unique combination of herbs including Gentian root, Elder flower, Vervain, Primrose flower and Sorrel.
90 for one of those dinky bottles of elder flower presse and pounds 1.
There's a variety of flavours including pure apple, light sparkling, apple and cranberry or the particularly good elder flower and apple version.
Previously booze has been allowed only on the youth field, and even corporate hospitality events have had to make do with elder flower cordial and spring water.
So they had the fantastically named Waggledance (Young& Co, London), a lovely golden ale, to go with the guinea fowl; the spicy and even better named Dutch brew Korenwolf (well,it is when you know that Korenwolf means hamster) to go with the salmon; and the not quite so amusingly named Golden Champion Ale (Hall& Woodhouse,Dorset) -a light and refreshing ale with a subtle elder flower aroma - to go with the melon and passion fruit cheesecake.
We've been like whirling dervishes, racing from charity and business launches to openings of exhibitions and receptions,grabbing Welsh Cakes from Merched y Wawr,and elder flower cordial from S4C along the way.