Sambucus nigra

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a common shrub with black fruit or a small tree of Europe and Asia

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The FBI in Houston, where the elder Bush lives, would not confirm or deny any investigation.
Ronald Reagan and the elder Bush did authorize American military interventions in Granada and Panama, but both were brief, each ending before the 60-day clock had finished ticking.
Third, the younger Bush remembered how Ronald Reagan marginalized the role of the elder Bush during the Reagan-Bush administration of 1981-89, and did not want to imitate the mistreatment with Cheney.
He says Scowcroft did not discuss the oped at all in advance with the former president "lest he put the forty-first president in an awkward position, especially as he sensed that the elder Bush largely agreed with what he had written.
And in truth it wasn't just eight years--since Bill Clinton and the elder Bush talked better games, but had done nothing either, it was as if a switch had been flipped after 20 years.
As president, the elder Bush led a coalition of nations to war in 1991 to liberate Kuwait from Iraqi occupation in Operation Desert Storm.
Four years after that, the elder Bush left a note for President Bill Clinton.
The neocons were elated with the advent of the first Gulf War as the elder Bush assumed the role of the liberal internationalist they had been hoping for.
Carter has criticised Bush's presidency as "the worst in history" with regard to international relations and Clinton, who has a warm relationship with the elder Bush, criticised the current president and Obama sharply during his wife Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign last year.
As they exited, one guest exclaimed, "Why, you look just like George Bush:' The elder Bush stared back at the woman for a moment.
Back then, the elder Bush told the Express-News his son 'got it right' in his assessment of the first Gulf War.
His son, who has been a president of conviction rather than prudence, stands in marked contrast to the elder Bush in style and substance.
The ISG is co-chaired by former Democratic congressman Lee Hamilton, who also serves as the head of the Wilson International Centre for Scholars in Washington, and consists of eight other members divided equally among prominent Republicans and Democrats, including several former senior members of the Ronald Reagan, elder Bush and Bill Clinton administrations.
Casey's source for the information believes Moon hopes the elder Bush will use his influence to persuade his son to give Moon a pardon.
The elder Bush lied about the invasion of Panama, leading to the death of thousands of ordinary citizens in that country.