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protective garment consisting of a pad worn over the elbow by football and hockey players

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It would be for helmets, knee pads and elbow pads for scooter riders and cyclists.
G-Form is new to the consumer electronics accessory industry, but has a lot of experience in producing knee and elbow pads for high-impact and extreme sports.
London, Feb 7 ( ANI ): Lingerie Football League's final in Las Vegas was a sight to behold as scantily-clad women wearing only helmets, sports bras, knickers, garters, and shoulder, knee and elbow pads heated up millions of television sets on Sunday.
Now the Lingerie Football League, which features a seven-a-side women's game in which players wear bras, pants and garters as well as shoulder, knee and elbow pads and icehockey-style helmets, wants to recruit her.
Once kitted out in fully gear - helmet, knee and elbow pads - and stretched out on the Saxon, Salim feels he's one with the bike.
ONE MAN LORD OF THE RINGS has quickly followed suit, with audiences and critics alike applauding Ross's amazing skills in recreating the enchanting world of Middle-earth, armed with nothing more than a pair of elbow pads and his outrageous imagination.
The Mattel deal is for a new range of bicycles, tricycles, scooters, skateboards and accessories, such as helmets and knee and elbow pads, for number one boys' brand Hot Wheels and leading girls' brand Barbie.
I did not have sunglasses at the age of three, or have a safety hat while I was out on my bike, nor did I have knee and elbow pads when out on my scooter.
It looks like it's time to dust off those helmets and elbow pads and get ready to hit the pavement all over again.
The gloves and shoulder pads, the shin guards and elbow pads and skates hung on a pegboard, while the breezers and helmet and bag dangled from a chain your mother looped over the low rafters.
It also doesn't hurt to wear knee and elbow pads for extra protection.
But he will certainly be more careful when doing wheelies and his mum has insisted on buying him knee and elbow pads as well as a new helmet.
The ACS features a mock-turtleneck, long sleeves in the camouflage pattern, flat seams reduce bulk and chafing, and built-in anti-abrasion elbow pads.
The new shirt has a foliage green torso and sleeves in the universal camouflage pattern, and sports seamless shoulders and side panels for comfort, along with integrated anti-abrasion elbow pads, and a small Army Strong logo centered on the chest.
They should also use safety equipment like helmets, knee and elbow pads and wrist protectors.