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Synonyms for flexion

the state of being flexed (as of a joint)

deviation from a straight or normal course

act of bending a joint



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However, we made the amount of elbow flexion different between the top and bottom shoulder positions to avoid symmetry that would simplify the task.
One of the advantages cited by advocates of anterior transposition of the ulnar nerve at the cubital tunnel is that the nerve, in its new position, is less subject to stretch on elbow flexion.
The results of the study showed greater reaching abilities during avatar feedback compared with video game feedback, suggesting the need for custom-designed video games that target the specific impairments, in this case, the abnormal coupling between shoulder abduction and elbow flexion.
Remarkably, despite subjects with an MRC score of 0 in the triceps, sEMG activity was seen mainly during elbow flexion.
By dividing elbow flexion and extension in three different phases, according to joint ROM, we expected to observe changes in modulation of neuromuscular activity for the three dumbbell curl protocols.
The prosthetist fits patients with a diagnostic socket using independent myoelectric control of four functions: elbow flexion, elbow extension, hand open, and hand close.
Then subjects performed one of four bouts of unilateral elbow flexion (biceps curls) muscle contractions at varying levels of external compression.
If there is the potential for significant postoperative gains in elbow flexion, then the ulnar nerve should be transposed in order to avoid the nerve from becoming tethered postoperatively.
Subjects were placed in a sitting position with shoulder abduction and elbow flexion angle at 90[degrees].
The arm is suspended in both 90[degrees] of shoulder abduction and elbow flexion.
Step II: The robot moved in a trajectory such that elbow flexion increased.
Each subject was placed in the sitting position with the shoulder abduction and elbow flexion angles at 90[degrees].
Key words: arthrogryposis, contractures, elbow flexion, exoskeleton, gravity balancing, orthosis, passivity, pediatrics, rehabilitation, robotics.
2004) who demonstrated a significant influence exerted by stature on the development of isometric and isokinetic elbow flexion and extension on 13-15 y old.
1) Loss of terminal elbow flexion produces substantial impairment and may lead to an inability to feed oneself or to perform basic hygiene.