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a river in central Europe that arises in northwestern Czechoslovakia and flows northward through Germany to empty into the North Sea


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On Thursday the Elbe flooded parts of Dresden as it rose nearly 7m above its normal level, but the city's historic center remained unscathed.
The rain in Prague has halted but the Vltava river that runs through the city and flows into the Elbe was still raging, with currents and water levels far exceeding the norm.
The Killing Moon, Dale's first publication is a novella comprised of the first three chapters of The Iron Wolves of Elbe.
Elbe had previously come close to making a name for himself in the UFC's reality TV show, 'The Ultimate Fighter,' but lost out in the preliminary bouts to decide the season's housemates in 2009.
Dresden is located on the banks of the River Elbe in Germany, and features a number of museums and historic buildings, such as the Elbe Castle, Villa Quarter, the Semper Opera House and the Frauenkirche.
The river Elbe flows gently through the landscape that it created 100 million years ago.
V Elbe Trader are currently occupying berths to load/offload cement and containers was handled at port last 24 hours.
The Jeremy Noseda-trained filly won what must have been the hottest race of its kind to date this season at Newmarket in May as subsequent Cherry Hinton winner Gamilati was second, Albany winner Samitar was third and impressive maiden winners such as Elbe and My Propeller were well beaten.
the shores of the rivers Danau, Main, Rhein, Necker, Mosel, Elbe and Spree.
Eden in the Rearview Mirror is an anthology of original free-verse poetry by author Susan Elbe.
The Cold War begins with the American and Russian armies converging on the Elbe River in Germany on April 25, 1945, five days before Adolf Hitler bit into a glass vial of cyanide and took a pistol to his own head.
This was the impetus for the 2000 HafenCity masterplan which deregulated the Speicherstadt, the customs warehouse island in the Elbe, to bring river and city together again with the Boiler House (by GMP), remodelled as an information centre.
In perhaps his most famous view, Dresden from the fight bank of the River Elbe under the Augustusbrucke Bridge (1748), Bellotto placed the Frauenkirche in the central distance, perhaps slightly exaggerated in size, and played the light on its dome and lantern against the light on the half completed tower of the Hofkirche.
While this particular book keys in on the troops who fought from Normandy to the Elbe, the same factors hold true for any newly minted infantry grunt, squid, zoomie or jarhead, from any country in any war.
He remembers the division was scattered in various villages along the Elbe River.