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The spokesman said the plaster would be marketed in addition to "normal" Elastoplast, the leading brand of dressing produced by Smith & Nephew.
The review was ordered after devastating floods hit 16,000 homes in the north of England last December Dr Stephen Gibbs, of the Carlisle Flood Action Group, said: "The Environment Agency have a pattern they have a flood, they have a review, then they get out the Elastoplast and hope for the best until the next flood.
Hansaplast and Elastoplast by Beiersdorf topped wound care in Malaysia, with a combined 60% share of retail value sales.
Unfortnately it left the 35-year-old looking like a walking elastoplast bandage.
The company has been able to maintain its position due to the widespread penetration and availability of the Elastoplast brand in the majority of retail channels, combined with the diverse and reliable range of products offered under this brand.
It's a problem for the country, not just to be plastered over with a bit of elastoplast," he said.
6,5kms of Elastoplast, 2700 blister plasters, 19,000 compresses
I liked the illustrations which have a conventional sense of period and do not try to evoke a modern period but I did find the shepherd using Elastoplast to show how he 'cares' for the sheep, and the blind man wearing dark glasses anachronistic.
PLASTERS Elastoplast Water Resistant Plasters, 20 Lloydspharmacy.
High Speed Two is vital if the country is going to stop "putting an elastoplast on" infrastructure created by the Victorians, according to one of the UK's leading experts.
With all due respect, Jalaludin's plan may be a little like using an Elastoplast when there is bleeding from a main artery.
Beiersdorf's brands include Nivea, Elastoplast and Labello.
He went on to describe current government transport policy as 'sticking bits of elastoplast over a gaping wound.
The fear was that people would carry the bathroom cabinet down to the surgery and insist on getting it filled to the gills with Elastoplast, Vaseline, baby shampoo, aspirin etc, all courtesy of the taxpayer.
There is Wesley Sneijder, of course, and - if you can afford the Ralgex, Elastoplast and medical bills - Arjen Robben.