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(physics) the ratio of the applied stress to the change in shape of an elastic body

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A plot of predicted elastic moduli against fiber volume fraction is shown in Fig.
Description of the loading conditions, boundary and stress-strain relationships will not be provided herein (as a further reference, see Lim, 2002) as do not serve the purpose of the paper, the author providing only the final expressions of the elastic moduli for few particular configurations.
These effects can be easily sized even in the variation of the effective elastic moduli retrieved experimentally and relies on practical intuitive observations for which such small quantities of embedded particles do not show dramatically changes on the estimated property.
In the present work, we report the construction of analytical representations of the elastic moduli data using a single model in which the effects of porosity ([phi]) and temperature (T) are treated simultaneously.
0 ratio of dynamic elastic moduli between 250[degrees]C and 30[degrees]C, with a 0.
The elastic constants vary with the graphite form; nodular graphite irons have the lowest elastic moduli.
The elastic moduli of these epoxy networks in the glass state showed a strong dependence on their packing networks.
The paper titled 'Non-invasive determination of the complete elastic moduli of spider silks' has been published in advanced online issue of Nature materials.
The generated composites possessed high elastic moduli, and their tensile strengths were close to specification requirements for glass fiber--reinforced sheet molding compounds.
2) exhibits the elastic response of the sample to the external loading, and is governed by the elastic moduli of the coating and substrate.
Technical literature provide relatively numerous references with respect to the elastic moduli evaluation, both statically and dynamically, theoretically and experimental, in case of polymeric composite materials, particle or fibber reinforced, but when a multiphase combination is considered the references are scarcely, not necessarily due to the researchers' unfocusing on the subject but mostly due to the time consuming issue (Motoc Luca & Teodorescu, 2008); (Ramadan, 2008).
In this section, the method used for the elastic moduli determination is presented first.