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a narrow band of elastic rubber used to hold things (such as papers) together

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TM)] , a shoe just for women, featuring elastic bands that wrap over and across the instep, providing lock-down support to keep the foot secure.
A group of bricklaying students from Stockton Riverside College (SRC) were asked to build a 4m high pyramid from wooden sticks and elastic bands when Kier Construction paid a visit.
LYON, France, February 16, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Bluestar Silicones is launching a new line of TCS 7560 and TCS 7561 Silbione(R) products designed for the elastic band market for lingerie and medical applications (support stockings and medical equipment).
With a dirty wash, the jacket has an amazing vintage aspect that is also characterized by the elastic bands on the wrists, neck and waist.
Officials for the Baltimore-based company say that while other clips and elastic bands tear at fragile hair follicles, the Clever Clip's lightweight patented design causes no hair breakage.
The Menzel Polyband Expander consists of an extruded aluminum alloy core with 30 equally-spaced elastic bands.
RICHARD KILLORAN could yesterday lay claim to being chief sufferer in a week of woe for jump jockeys after the severely battered conditional rider emerged from surgery with plates in his jaw and a mouthful of elastic bands.
He randomized 94 sedentary older adults (mean age 67 years; 61% female) to either 6 months of progressive aerobic walking or 6 months of stretching and toning with progressive resistance using elastic bands.
As melt-spun nonwovens are mainly produced from polypropylene or polyester resins, which are not inherently elastic, BASF explains, achieving the desired elasticity with these materials requires mechanical manipulation or incorporating elastic bands or tapes into their structure.
The best strength conditioning may include free weights, isometrics and elastic bands.
Currently, elasticity in nonwovens is usually achieved in one direction either mechanically or by integrating elastic bands or tapes.
One section ("Chaos") contains some eye-catching, genuine dancing as the company moved swiftly through cat's-cradle patterns that were formed by elastic bands, but unison movement--a lot of it on the floor--looked more like exercise than a dance.
Elastic bands and exercise instructors do not necessarily entail a large investment but, if necessary, residents might be charged a minimal fee, such as $3 per class, to reduce the cost to the facility.
Embedded in her costume are elastic bands that stretch across the costume from one hand to the ether, and more bands that go from the top of the body down to the feet.