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an elastic synthetic fabric

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The experimental designs use a vast range of materials, including wool, silk, elastane and even PET.
The nude peplum design, which was made from polyester and elastane, featured gold embellishment, sold out within hours.
The behaviour of stretch fabrics inside the embroidered elements may be influenced by the elastane filaments that these fabrics contain in the direction of warp and/or weft [10,11].
Lycra, elastane, stretch, serviceable, controlling, midi, mini, maxi, cobweb lace.
These come with a host of well thought-out cycle-friendly features - a low crotch, an elastane mix to assist movement on the bike, a loop for a mini D-lock on the waistband and a clip for a key chain.
In internal as well as independent research studies, LYCRA SPORT fabrics were shown to perform better than those containing generic elastane on the key parameters of recovery power, shape retention and comfortable fit (research studies conducted in 2011) and 95% of athletes surveyed preferred the fabric's compression performance (23 amateur athletes participated in this test done by Progressive Sports Technologies).
Many of them also incorporate other materials, such as nylon, elastane (an elastic polyurethane) or some other stretchy stuff that makes the garment hug you with a snug, non-binding fit.
M&S piped running top, pounds 25 Look for fabrics that contain a high content of elastane or lycra to help support your hard-working joints and reduce muscle fatigue.
Table 3 shows the differences in key physical properties between VNRL threads produced by a leading Malaysian manufacturer; a control NRL; and the synthetic spandex/ elastane, as tested by the College of Textiles at North Carolina State University.
Using baby soap or shampoo without dye is great for the elastane and always reshape them and dry flat -- especially moulded bras.
AIT depends on which type of shoe - the Elastane range are shower proof but not rain proof.
Most of the shorts are made of cotton blended with a mix of elastane for a comfortable fit.
Cotton - 100% --Cotton - 98% + elastane - 2% --Cotton - 80% + polyamide - 18% + elastane - 2% --Cotton - 53% + polyester - 43% + elastane - 4%
and RadiciGroup selected RadElast, which combines the respected Radici name with elastane, the European term for spandex, to symbolize the powerful combination of the RadiciGroup heritage as a worldwide leader in fiber technology with the diverse benefits of spandex.
Under Armour has taken base layers to the next level, defining moisture transport with fabrics such as their PolyArmour and Elastane to add stretch.