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a region of northeastern France famous for its wines

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See also Daniel Brumberg, Jareer Elass, Amy Myers Jaffe, and Kenneth B.
There is an apologetic dimension to these works that is summed up well by Elass, a Presbyterian pastor who was raised in Saudi Arabia:
The personal bonus came later, when Elass mentioned his interest in buying a home near his new job.
Today's credit scoring algorithm is not appropriate for online credit and lending applications, and it must be revised before it seriously undermines consumers' trust and retards the growth of e-lending," said Rasha Elass, industry analyst for Gartner's e-Business Services.
The all-encompassing renovation program will drive rental rates, occupancy and tenant satisfaction," said Talal Elass, Vice President of Fund Management for Ethika Investments.
With twelve acquisitions in the past eighteen months, our investors have a clear understanding of our ability to deploy in a manner targeted to our opportunistic and value-add investment strategies," added Talal Elass, Vice President of Fund Management of Ethika Investments.
Ethika's capital allocation into this transaction is a perfect fit to our investment strategy in which we seek out assets in vibrant markets, acquire below replacement value, and provide significant upside to be realized after implementation of the renovation program and operational efficiencies," added Talal Elass, Vice President of Fund Management of Ethika Investments.
In addition to Taber's book, Zondervan presents Understanding the Koran by Mateen Elass (Zondervan, $12.