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An experimental test of the link between foraging, habitat selection and thermoregulation in black rat snakes Elaphe obsoleta obsoleta.
Elaphe gloydi Conant, 1940, Eastern Foxsnake (I, II)
Turning to the snakes of the terrestrial fauna, the most noteworthy of these species is the fox snake, Elaphe gloydi.
The project actions will be carried out in one of the most important Italian sites for the following species: Elaphe situla, Triturus carnifex, Triturus vulgaris and Bombina pachypus.
coarctatus include Chironius carinatus, Coluber constrictor, Drymarchon corais, Elaphe obsoleta, Lampropeltis getulus, Masticophis flagellum, Mastigodryas bifossatus, Nerodia cylopion, N.
Reptilian species were: Thamnophis sirtalis, Nerodia sipedon, Apalone spinifera, Elaphe obsoleta.
Our results were similar to those found in studies involving Elaphe obsoleta and Nerodia clarkii compressicauda, both specialist predators, which showed a decrease in foraging efficiency associated with an increase in habitat complexity.
Blood samples were obtained from seven snake species (Coluber constrictor, Elaphe vulpine vulpine, Nerodia sipedon sipedon, Regina grahamii, Sistrurus catenatus catenatus, Thamnophis radix and Thamnophis sirtalis parietalis) from Squaw Creek National Wildlife Refuge located in northwest Missouri.
Species of Confirmation Date Mass of Prey Sex of Predator of Predation (g) Prey Bubo virginianus 16 June 1996 134 Male (great horned owl) Lampropeltis getula 6 June 1996 108 Male (common kingsnake) Crotalus horridus 19 August 1996 140 Female (timber rattlesnake) Elaphe obsoleta 26 September 1996 169 Male (rat snake) Crotalus horridus 8 October 1996 118 Male (timber rattlesnake)
COSEWIC assessment and update status report on the gray ratsnake Elaphe spiloides (Great Lakes/St.
An increase in the number of the species typical of SCI s habitats Milvus milvus, Milvus migrans and Elaphe quatuorlineata;
Phenotypic plasticity in the reproductive characteristics of an oviparous snake, Elaphe guttata: implications for life-history studies.
laticeps (Schneider), broad- C, S headed skink Scincella lateralis (Say), ground skink S Family Colubridae (common snakes) Carphophis amoenus (Say), worm snake S Cemophora coccinea (Blumenbach), scarlet S snake Coluber constrictor Linnaeus, black racer I Clonophis kirtlandii (Kennicott), N, C, SE Kirtland's snake Diadophis punctatus (Linnaeus), S northern ringneck snake Elaphe obsoleta (Say), black rat snake I E.
2) and surrounding areas (now largely converted to industrial, commercial, and residential development), but are not documented from Miller Woods within Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore (Acris crepitans blanchardi, Coluber constrictor, Elaphe v.
One-way Single- double- Species funnel funnel Amphibians Acris crepitans 0 1 Bufo valliceps 5 4 Gastrophryne olivaceus 0 5 Rana catesbeiana 4 5 Rana sphenocephala 0 2 Scaphiopus holbrookii 0 1 Scaphiopus hurteri 2 0 Total 11 18 Reptiles Agkistrodon contortrix 4 0 Coluber constrictor 1 4 Elaphe obsoleta 1 2 Nerodia rhombifer 0 3 Thamnophis proximus 1 11 Cnemidophorus 3 0 sexlineatus Sceloporus olivaceus 1 2 Sceloporus undulatus 2 12 Scincella lateralis 0 5 Total 13 39 Mammals Sigmodon hispidus 8 19 Total herpetofauna 24 57 Total vertebrates 32 76