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a member of an ancient warlike people living in Elam east of Babylonia as early as 3000 BC

an extinct ancient language of unknown affinities

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There were only nine cops providing security for the event, which allowed the Elamite mob to force its way into the building and intimidate people; they also took a Turkish Cypriot's photographer's camera and fired a flare.
For example, the author is at pains to point out that Elam and the Elamites were historically changing constructs.
She speculates that the lions in the king's famous hunting reliefs were symbolic of the defeated Elamites.
The first large scale empire based here was that of the powerful 4th millennium BC Elamites.
According to his opinion, the nomadic part of the Elamite population ('Trans-Elamites') performed the principal role in organizing long-distance trade.
The question of contact between Medes and Elamites is an important one, but one to which we have few answers.
Religion et civilisation elamites en Susiane, Dossiers Histoire et Archeologie 138: 46-9.
He discusses eleven such groups: Ahlamu, Amorites, Sutians, Assyrians, Babylonians, Elamites, Hittites, Hurrians, (2) Kassites, Lullubians, and Ullipians.
We know, for example, that Sennacherib's eldest son, Assur-nadin-sumi, disappeared and presumably died after having been captured by the Elamites during a raid on Babylon.
The Elamites merit little attention beyond bringing about the downfall of the Ur III and Kassite dynasties--nothing is said of Choga Zanbil and its monumental and well-preserved ziggurat.
a wide geographical area (Egypt, the Levant, Anatolia, Mesopotamia, and western Iran), and numerous different cultures and peoples (in particular, Akkadians, Arameans, Assyrians, Babylonians, Egyptians, Elamites, Hittites, Hurrians, Israelites, Persians, Phoenicians, Sumerians, Urartians).
Les textes semitiques des rois d'Elam contiennent d'ailleurs, souvent des mots elamites .
The prehistoric inhabitants of the area later called Elam may have been related to some of the people later described by others as Elamites, but connections are so distant that serious justification is required for inclusion of the prehistoric material.
The Elamites sent Nabu-usallim to dwell (asabu, in the S-stem) among the Targibatu and gave him control over other tribes as well, the Nahal, Dutu, and Mananu, with which he launched attacks against the Sealand.
Text 6 may serve as example for the second category: "12 liters bread, dogs; 4 adult males (gurus), 2 liters each, dog keepers; 20 liters, apprentice scribes, 5 liters, Amorite females; 1/2 sheep Elamites of Sabum, intermediary PN; 10 liters bread, 1 leg, Abbamu, soldier of the mirror holder; day 11; expenditure; month III.