rapid transit

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an urban public transit system using underground or elevated trains

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The fourth annual Paper Recycling Conference & Trade Show returns to the home of the El train, Edward Hopper's Nighthawks, Sears Tower, Wrigley Field and Grant Park in June.
That plan was nixed by the Chicago Transit Authority, which would have had to straighten the city's El train tracks to make room.
Fortune smiles on the pleasant young man late one afternoon when he encounters a vivacious young woman while tiding the el train.
Naturally, realistic details aren't at the heart of a movie that deals in government conspiracies and el train decapitations.
Doomed to a lengthy ride on a Chicago el train to his work, he allowed himself ample travel time by using an unlimited pass.
While the taxpayer retail opens at street level onto Third Avenue, the second-story cottages have glass block windows facing the Avenue to keep out the noise of the El train, which in 1921 was still rumbling by.