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Credit Quality of Guaranty Provider: La Hipotecaria El Salvadorian Mortgage Trust 2013-1 and La Hipotecaria El Salvadorian Mortgage Trust 2016-1 certificates benefit from a payment guarantee by Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC) in the event funds are insufficient to cover the monthly interest and final principal payment of the notes.
After presenting his Letter of Credence, Ambassador Dissanayake conveyed the greetings and best wishes from President Maithripala Sirisena to El Salvadorian President President Salvador Sanchez Ceren.
No mention of Republican links to wealthy El Salvadorian families linked to death squads who killed Archbishop Oscar Romero, however.
FASvH OUSTOND YNAMO 3am HOUSTON DYNAMO are having a decent season in the MLS and can get their Concacaf Champions League campaign off to the perfect start by winning at El Salvadorian hosts CD FAS, writes Dan Childs.
surprisingly, the El Salvadorian Lempira species was relatively common in moist, montane forest, though unfortunately most specimens were larval.
Created by the union of communist guerilla groups under pressure from Fidel Castro, FMLN waged a war against the El Salvadorian population by bombing buses, bridges, and electrical utilities; murdering and kidnapping democratically elected officials; and placing land mines in the coffee plantations of the country to cripple workers, often children.
Many years later, in 1941, the curriculum was adopted by the El Salvadorian educational system as part of the, Organic Law on Public Education (Foreign et.
He also coordinated the layout of a giant mosaic to support the security efforts for the El Salvadorian Peace Talks in 1984.
Nevertheless, the El Salvadorian revival is not a monolithic movement, and it is highly mutable.
Kicking things up a notch at Restaurant Eve, Thrasher thought of his wife's favorite El Salvadorian snack--fresh cucumbers sprinkled with spicy salt and lime--when creating the rim for Maria's Margarita.
Since the outbreak, the fragile El Salvadorian medical infrastructure was overwhelmed each May as patients sought reassurance that family members would not succumb to a potentially deadly infection.
El Salvadorian reformers worked with the media to explain and build support for the changes.
El Salvadorian Vice President Ana Vilma de Escobar will return home from Japan in high spirits as Japan's development expert Sadako Ogata has pleased her with a Japan-led plan to improve primary school mathematics education in El Salvador and seven other Central American nations.
The needs of the El Salvadorian people are so many, and the volunteers have to tread carefully in a culture that is not their own.
Among other things, El Salvadorian officials hope to encourage an even greater level of remittances of dollars to the country from citizens living and working in the United States.