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The last time an El Salvadorian club reached the final of the Concacaf Champions Cup - the precursor the Cconcacaf Champions League which started in 2008-09 - w as in 1981 when Atletico Marte finished runners-up.
Kicking things up a notch at Restaurant Eve, Thrasher thought of his wife's favorite El Salvadorian snack--fresh cucumbers sprinkled with spicy salt and lime--when creating the rim for Maria's Margarita.
Since the outbreak, the fragile El Salvadorian medical infrastructure was overwhelmed each May as patients sought reassurance that family members would not succumb to a potentially deadly infection.
El Salvadorian reformers worked with the media to explain and build support for the changes.
El Salvadorian Vice President Ana Vilma de Escobar will return home from Japan in high spirits as Japan's development expert Sadako Ogata has pleased her with a Japan-led plan to improve primary school mathematics education in El Salvador and seven other Central American nations.
The needs of the El Salvadorian people are so many, and the volunteers have to tread carefully in a culture that is not their own.
Myths and fears were the biggest barriers to IUD use reported by 30 El Salvadorian Ministry of Health clinic providers who were interviewed by FHI researchers in 1999.
Morena Lidia Azucena Mayorga of La Prensa Grafica for "The Immigrants," the story of a family of parakeets searching for a place to steep in an El Salvadorian town after their trees were cut down to widen a road.
Chen was greeted at the airport in San Salvador by El Salvadorian President Francisco Flores, who said he looks forward to exchanging views with Chen on ways of strengthening cooperation between Taiwan and Central American countries.
The estimated 224 million yen to be provided to the El Salvadorian government is meant to be used for the purchase of material to build 10,000 temporary homes for the victims, the ministry said.
The 48-year-old El Salvadorian visited Tokaimura in Ibaraki Prefecture, 120 kilometers northeast of Tokyo, on Monday to inspect the JCO Co.
Not entered: Taft High's Ruben Benitez, an El Salvadorian, did not run in the 200 meters Wednesday.
This new brand, Itzalco Premium, embodies the pride of the El Salvadorian coffee farmers.
The El Salvadorian government has again implemented subsidies to maintain low electricity tariffs for end users in addition to existing subsidies for consumption below 99KWh.
With increased mortgage origination, IFC will be contributing to the creation of a pool of mortgage assets that will be eligible for securitization and eventually issued in Panamanian, El Salvadorian and Colombian capital markets.