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Also, both the companies have entered into a long-term agreement under which SBA will provide Tigo El Salvador with wireless communications towers to support the company's wireless networks and rollout plans.
Only 11 percent of the coffee cultivated in El Salvador is resistant to leaf rust, according the national agricultural research organization, PROCAFE.
The United States and El Salvador are parties to the U.
The retired general's forced return to El Salvador marked the end of a several-year legal battle with US immigration authorities, which first ordered his removal in 2012.
During his brief stay in El Salvador, Sri Lankan Ambassador also met with senior officials of the El Salvador Foreign Ministry and discussed matters of mutual interest to both countries.
Emergency services in El Salvador and Guatemala said the quake had caused no discernible damage, and there were no early reports of damage or casualties from elsewhere in the region.
Luego del estudio de diferentes poblaciones en Costa Rica, asi como en la region del Parque Nacional Montecristo en el Departamento de Santa Ana, El Salvador, mostro que las poblaciones presentes en El Salvador y Honduras (analogas con el tipo de T.
Instead, 16 years after the war, conditions in El Salvador are as tenuous and as volatile as ever.
But the married father of four from Valencia remains dedicated to the people of rural El Salvador, asking on a Web log that people pray for the people of Abelines, the poverty-stricken town near where he was shot.
CHURCH women, including Jean Donovan, were raped and killed in El Salvador on Dec.
Corruption, greed and poverty plagued El Salvador for centuries.
Collaboratively written especially for herpetologists and other professionals in the field by the team of Gunther Kohler, Milan Vesely and Eli Greenbaum, The Amphibians And Reptiles Of El Salvador covers 130 species representing 88 genera and 30 families.
For Dell, El Salvador offered an ideal location for its newest contact center.
Soldiers from El Salvador understand its value, and their participation in International Military Education and Training (IMET) programs is making a difference.