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In 1981, only weeks into the first term of Ronald Reagan, Secretary of State Alexander Haig addressed the president's obsession with fighting communism by assuring Reagan that El Salvador is "one we can win.
DeSoto was released from a hospital in El Salvador on Wednesday, friends said.
Donovan and the rest of El Salvador found hope in the fearless homilies of Archbishop Oscar Romero.
El Salvador is also well situated as a regional distribution center for the 40.
ARENA legislative deputy Guillermo Gallegos points out that if El Salvador hadn't dollarized, there would have been a massive devaluation of the currency after the devastating 2001 earthquake.
Obuchi described the El Salvador peace process as a "model case" in Latin America, and reiterated Japan's commitment to support the country with economic assistance.
Paolitto hopes her images of El Salvador will capture the attention of her classmates at Massachusetts, Concord Academy in a way facts and figures in textbooks can't.
The impact of man on the zoogeography of El Salvador.
Investment Manager Export and Investment Promotion Agency of El Salvador PROESA (CONFIRMED)
American Chamber of Commerce of El Salvador (AMCHAM).
The Leadership of this economic transformation was admirably spearheaded by the Republic of El Salvador and its president, Elias Antonio Saca.
ON THE EVENING OF MARCH 24, 1980, Archbishop Oscar Arnulfo Romero of El Salvador was shot and killed while celebrating Mass in the chapel on the grounds of Divine Providence hospital.
MS-13 was born in Los Angeles in the mid-1980s to early 1990s, initially drawing on young men who grew up in the war-torn streets and countryside of El Salvador.
Improvement is possible, but it is not certain and will be gradual at best in splintered nations such as Peru, Colombia, Nicaragua, and El Salvador.
Last year, some 200,000 people - including Salvadorans living in the United States - visited El Salvador, up from 130,000 people in 1989.