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an imaginary place of great wealth and opportunity

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The idea came to him by way of Steve Cameron, the former president of First Financial Bank of El Dorado, who had noticed an article about a similar program in Kalamazoo, Michigan, in a pile of papers from a recent chamber meeting.
Address : El Dorado Builders% Exchange 3430 Robin Lane #7 Cameron Park, CA 95682.
The expansion of the El Dorado facility is set to be completed in two phases and will more than double the square-footage of Therma-Flite's El Dorado location.
The late Dick Bethell was UC Cooperative Extension pomology advisor in El Dorado, San Luis Obispo, Santa Cruz and Sonoma counties but he lived in Placerville.
He worked at Prescolite in El Dorado, AR, and then for The Strong Company located in Pine Bluff, AR.
The numbers seem to make sense, but El Dorado Forward marketing director Cindy Langston says there's no way to directly tie the El Dorado Promise--as Murphy calls its program--to the district's enrolment figures.
A private concessionaire would run El Dorado, which accounts for a third of all domestic passengers and over two-thirds of international passengers.
Taken at face value, northern California's El Dorado County has a lot going for it--the dramatic Sierra Nevada foothills scenery, lots of room for spacious new homes, and its short distance from Sacramento.
In July, El Dorado opened a Boulevard store in Pembroke Pines, Fla.
And with his team of 46 amateur explorers, the 76-year-old Savoy stumbled on a hidden city that might just be the remains of the mythical El Dorado, where gold was said to be as plentiful as dirt.
Instead, John's collaborator on Aida (the current Broadway show) and the new animated movie The Road to El Dorado is Tim Rice, who also collaborated with John for Disney's megasuccessful Lion King franchise.
To protect their lives -- and the future of El Dorado -- the two con men keep their real identity secret, with the help of a beautiful native girl.
MIAMI -- In celebration of its 45th anniversary, El Dorado Furniture donated over $250,000 in furniture and services through its 45 Years, 45 Families program, launched on March 15, 2012.
The contract for the Design, Development and Implementation of a Website for El Dorado Transit will be an agreement between El Dorado Transit and the consultant(s).