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an Argentine revolutionary leader who was Fidel Castro's chief lieutenant in the Cuban revolution

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Claro esta, que no soy el Che Guevara, no te hablo de meterme en la guerrilla, sino de una operacion analoga pero siempre quedandome (y este es el problema) en la poesia, en la literatura, en las unicas cosas que se hacer (Cartas 2, 1225).
Above left with ambulances destined for Cuba and right, actor Rhys Ifans shows support for the Cymru Cuba campaign by sampling the El Che cocktail David Jones has been described as a man of commitment, perseverance and energy
They will be fighting it out with Background Boy, Taylor's Secret, Jagged Union, Bezzera Breakdown, Paul Randles and the Love Handles, Chasing Hound, The Young Believers, El Che, Westfalia and Parallax.
The film, in which Gael Garcia Bernal plays Che and Rodrigo De la Serna (a relative of Guevara) plays Granado, is based upon Guevara's journal of the trip, and Granado's later book, Con el Che por Sudamerica (later translated as Travelling with Che Guevara: The Making of a Revolutionary).
There are no prizes, of course, for guessing which el Che the cinemagoers were here referring to.