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city in east central Ukraine on the Dnieper River

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While at the seminary in Ekaterinoslav he encountered monks who were disciples of Paissy Velitchkovsky (1722-94), of Moldavia.
Most of the peaceful population of Ekaterinoslav welcomed the Germans, for their arrival prevented the occupation of the Ukraine by the Bolsheviks or by unorganized bands that would massacre people and destroy property.
In August we travelled with father and mother to Ekaterinoslav (a city named after Catherine the Great) in a covered wagon, for there was no railroad connection.
This link I found in my dear wife, Margarete, born Toews, in Ekaterinoslav.
The account concentrates on Moscow and Petrograd but also covers strikes as far afield as Saratov, Ekaterinoslav, the Donbass, and the Urals.
The focal point of Charters Wynn's study of the working class in the Ukraine's iron and coal belt is October 1905: in that month workers in Ekaterinoslav and elsewhere in the region mounted an impressive general strike that as part of the national strike wrested the October Manifesto from Nicholas II; a few days later many of those same workers took part in devastating pogroms in Ekaterinoslav and other cities.
Thus workers Ekaterinoslav in 1883 and Iuzovka in 1892 engaged in violent pogroms against Jews.