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Russian film maker who pioneered the use of montage and is considered among the most influential film makers in the history of motion pictures (1898-1948)

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For references claiming that a once-reluctant Kaplan eventually conceded to the creation of the Reconstructionist denomination see Ira Eisenstein, "From a School of Thought to a Movement," Reconstructionist 41.
Eisenstein is known for his use of montage and the DeLillo text is a montage, a layering of levels.
The Newport Group, a leading national provider of retirement and executive benefit plans, announced that it has appointed Stephen Eisenstein as Director, Actuarial and Defined Benefit Services.
Johns challenges Elizabeth Eisenstein in contending that rather than inhering in print, fixity and standardization were culturally constructed.
Eisenstein testified on the unique challenges in developing antibiotics and the economic disincentives the industry faces when looking to invest the time and resources necessary to develop an antibiotic.
As part of the agreement between HomeRun Homes and Wounded Warrior Homes, HomeRun Homes is providing blocks of Advertising space across multiple categories, and Eisenstein has personally offered to speak to the warriors themselves to provide them with tips on the Rent to Own process.
Eisenstein, who will be traveling to Texas on Thursday, October 11th to speak as an expert on MLM wrongful termination issues at an industry seminar sponsored by the Network Marketing Business Journal on Friday morning, October, 12th at the Comfort Inn, DFW North at 5000 W.
Matt Eisenstein and Mason DeMatteo both homered in three-hit efforts for Newbury Park, DeMatteo driving in six runs.
In this rather hard to follow treatment of M exico, Sergei Eisenstein, and '30s socialist fervor, Fraser plays both a Russian revolutionary and Frances Flynn Paine, a New Yorker who backed the Mexican muralists and thought that exposing them to the West might loosen their ties with the "Reds.
By adopting wholesale arguments that have been criticized as overdrawn (from Elizabeth Eisenstein on printing, to Keith Hutchinson on occult qualities during the scientific revolution, or Lawrence Stone on the decline of the aristocracy), his picture of the transition from medieval to modern is sharp and clear rather than complicated and fine-grained.
Our two tuck-in acquisitions, combined with strong organic growth, have helped us achieve our goal of building CSC's distribution business into a world class enterprise," said Steve Eisenstein, Senior Managing Director at Harvest.
Robert Eisenstein, the CEO & Founder of HomeRun Homes, points to the fact that visitors to HomeRun Homes, "are here to find or sell a Rent to Own Home, and they need the proper forms to complete these deals," and "since U.
a wireless tower company with operations throughout the United States, today announced the appointment of Jim Eisenstein to its Board of Directors.
At age 4, Russ Eisenstein got his first tape recorder and soon after that he made his first broadcast.