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Eisenmenger's syndrome is an irreversible condition where there is a reversal of flow of a congenital systemic to pulmonary shunt that occurs in untreated congenital cardiac defects.
As Eisenmenger's syndrome develops, differential cyanosis is present, and the murmur may disappear altogether as shunting becomes insignificant.
Mrs Taylor suffers from the heart and lung condition, Eisenmenger's syndrome.
Jasmin had just celebrated her fourth birthday when she was diagnosed with Eisenmenger's Syndrome and pulmonary hypertension.
3) Wood(4) found persistent LSVC in 20% of cases of tetralogy of Fallot and 8% of patients with Eisenmenger's syndrome.
She used to suffer from Eisenmenger's Syndrome, a condition which affects the heart and lungs.
Patients with a large PDA left patent may develop Eisenmenger's syndrome.
Pulmonary artery thrombosis is seen in Eisenmenger's syndrome, atrial septal defect and connective tissue diseases.
At age two, he was diagnosed with Eisenmenger's Syndrome, a form of pulmonary hypertension which is a progressive lung disease.
For her 11-year-old daughter Kimberley is suffering from Eisenmenger's Syndrome, which will cut her life tragically short.