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Synonyms for iceberg

a large mass of ice floating at sea


lettuce with crisp tightly packed light-green leaves in a firm head

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Pregnant women are very aware of what they eat and drink, and many miss the enjoyment of their favourite glass of wine," said Eisberg brand manager Fran Draper.
Eisberg spokeswoman Emily Gleed said, ``Our survey shows that we Brits may have good intentions for avoiding alcohol but we are increasingly frustrated by rip-off prices and poor choice.
ERI") (NASDAQ:ERII), a global leader of ultra-high-efficiency energy recovery products and technology for desalination, announced that the company recruited seasoned water treatment applications veteran and membrane housing expert Douglas Eisberg to be the company's Product Director.
The equivalence of (55) to the result of Eisberg and Resnick also confirms the implicit value [g.
Eisberg was appointed in October 2002, having joined the council in April 2000.
Chief executive Jill Eisberg said: "Our concern is that shoppers will see the red traffic light logo on cheese and boycott it because they think it's not good for them.
Neil Eisberg, spokesman for the Chemicals Industry Association, said: "The North West cluster is more diverse than any other region in Europe.
The Dairy Council's head of communications, Jill Eisberg, said it was consulting within the industry about what to do next.
Jill Eisberg, head of the Dairy Council, who is campaigning on behalf of milk and cheese producers for fair and accurate labelling, said: "We have been asked whether the appointment will make a difference.
Taxation Case studies include: - Rose - Nations Bank Commercial Loan Master Trust - CORE - Glacier - Bistro - Eisberg Finance Ltd.
Jill Eisberg, chief executive of the Dairy Council, added: "The FSA model omits several critical nutrients such as B-group vitamins, vitamins A, C and D, folic acid, fibre and protein.
Fitch Ratings has downgraded one class of notes and affirmed three classes of notes from the Eisberg Finance Ltd.
A special party bottle and a 190,000 [pounds sterling] campaign is backing the sparkling alcohol free wine Eisberg.
Fitch Ratings places the class B, C-1 & C-2 notes of Eisberg Finance Ltd.
The company has taken on an interesting collection of brands, including the premium vermouth Noilly Prat, the alcohol free wine Eisberg and the speciality Campari.