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inclined or disposed to peace; not quarrelsome or unruly

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conducive to peace

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In militant-Protestant circles it formed part of a pattern of praising martial values by characterizing them as masculine and depreciating eirenic values as feminine.
Pushing aside this distasteful nihilism, it is worth remembering that art produced in an age of faith often reveals human beings at their most constructive, rational, and eirenic.
He argues that "it is the immediate and controversial issue of martial versus eirenic values, rather than the more academic question of the merits and demerits of republican government, that is the play's central concern.
The animus against such people is shown by the fact that John Mason Neale, normally a sensible and eirenic man, could not only write but even publish the following:
The central contentions of this paper are two: first, that contextualism about knowledge cannot fulfill the eirenic promise which, for those who are drawn to it, constitutes its main attraction; second, that the basic diagnosis of epistemological skepticism as somehow entrapping us, by diverting attention from a surreptitious shift to a special rarefied intellectual context, rests on inattention to the details of the principal skeptical paradoxes.
Wilson's analysis here has much to commend it, but he undoubtedly overplays the High Church orientation of the SPCK and pays less attention to the eirenic Anglicanism of these societies.
Their wholesale conversion, often by verbal battering rather than eirenic persuasion, was an aim of the Protestant mission.
The resulting fragmentation and regionalization of the international security system thus makes it reliant, once again, on the eirenic munificence of file modern Great Power(s).
McBee makes an interesting revelation in his book, An Eirenic Itinerary, written in 1911.
This was the intention of the die-hards Adams and Hume in launching the initiative--Hume, we are to believe beneath the eirenic facade, is an "implacable and relentless" Catholic bigot of the seventeenth century variety (p.
Bacon himself wrote the work from an eirenic standpoint, analysing how each side had been responsible for inflaming the controversy and, in consequence, admonishing the bishops and the Puritans in roughly equal measure.
The editor believes that these eirenic passages were written while the Donatists were under pressure from imperial legislation, but the rescripts of Valentinian I in 373 and 376 banning Donatist services in town and countryside were ineffective.
In contrast, Freud saw the basis for Christian intolerance in the eirenic passages of the same texts.
We find Locke at once "aligning himself with the Latitudinarian wing" and "going very far beyond even the most eirenic of the clerical Latitudinarians" (pp.
For several months before his untimely death in 1823, eirenic William Ward was in charge of "the theology department.