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There are more, for example "Platonic Eternity: the Intelligible Realm," which Eire marks "obsolete, but influential.
Garmin Eire Discoverer is expected to be available from mid November 2009.
Handler Menna Jones with the Supreme Champion at the 2012 South Wales Inter-breed Dairy Calf Show at Carmarthen, the Jersey Eire Governor Gorgeous from local breeders, Edward, Eiddwen and Iwan Morgan
The X-TEL portfolio of air interface drive test and analysis tools further enhance Trend's test solutions for the UK and Eire markets.
According to Timmons of Eire Systems, "The biggest problem we see for gaishikei companies doing business in Tokyo is being able to retain the level and type of IT and Project Management expertise they are used to dealing with in other markets such as London or New York.
All these teams have one or more Everton players in their squads: Carsley with Eire, Moore with USA, Gravesen with Denmark, and Swedish duo of Linderoth and Alexandersson.
The six-piece ensemble has expanded from its Irish roots to flat-out rock, though it has maintained the flavor of Eire with arrangements that feature mandolin, tin whistle, fiddle and flute in addition to the standard rock instrumental lineup.
He made his career as a professional footballer with Preston North End and Everton, but never severed his links with Eire, for whom he played many times.
nJim Bolger described Mise Eire as "the best-looking horse that I have ever trained" after the son of Project Manager had made a winning debut in the two-mile maiden at Leopardstown, writes Alan Sweetman.
The offer is subject to availability and for UK and EIRE readers only.
Other than Eire, the only two "of significance" to escape a Royal excursion are Greece and Israel.
But on Easter Monday, 1949, Costello proclaimed that Eire was now an independent republic and renamed the Republic of Ireland.
In all, 12 EU states - Austria, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Luxembourg, Holland, Portugal, Spain and Eire - the Lire, Deutschmark, Peseta, Francs etc notes and coins are being withdrawn, a process to be completed by February 28, apart from in Eire, where the punt is being withdrawn even earlier.
ALL prices, except for the free video, include postage (in Eire please add pounds 1 for each additional video purchased).
Retail sales in Eire are substantially outperforming the UK and the rest of Europe.