Einstein's theory of relativity

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The first thing you should know if you read this is I know nothing about Albert Einstein's Theory of Relativity -- apart from the fact that it's Einstein's theory and it has something to do with relativity.
Einstein's Theory of Relativity has finally been proved this month, thanks to the Hubble.
In particular, it pays tribute to James Clerk Maxwell, the Scottish scientist whose work paved the way for Albert Einstein's theory of relativity.
There is more evidence for evolution than there is for the theory of gravity, than the idea that things are made up of atoms, or Einstein's theory of relativity.
Then there were the stories that were just too wild to be true: Neutrinos appeared to violate Einstein's theory of relativity by flying faster than light, but other work suggests they were doing no such thing.
Their startling discovery effectively drives a coach and horses through dear old Einstein's theory of relativity (you remember his famous equation E=mc) which underpins just about every science lesson ever held.
Lead researcher Dr Antonio Ereditato has labelled the results as "crazy" because Albert Einstein's theory of relativity - which has been the basis of physics for a century - depends on the idea that nothing can exceed the speed of light in a vacuum.
Bintley commissioned Matthew Hindson - who shares his interest in science and the cosmos - to create the score and the result is a powerfully emotive partnership in which choreographer and composer attempt to simplify Einstein's theory of relativity.
What is needed is a scale of lesser deductions to be applied to returns including stake, but when I went before a Tattersalls sub-committee some years ago to explain the arithmetic involved, the blank faces of the supposed betting experts made me think it would have been easier to try to explain Einstein's Theory of Relativity.
This paper answers twelve most common questions on the basics of Einstein's theory of relativity.
But if you are like me, you do not realize that Einstein's theory of relativity extends much farther than we thought and perhaps more interesting is that Einstein was much more prolific than 'just' coming up with relativity.
Part of Albert Einstein's theory of relativity, this formula says that mass can be converted into energy, and is the basis for the development of nuclear power and weapons.
Evolution, quantum theory and Einstein's theory of relativity play a part.
Scientists at the University of Manchester have discovered a new way to test Einstein's theory of relativity using the 'lead' of a pencil.
Chapter topics feature the notion of timetables as elementary representations of space-time, the role of reflections, Einstein's theory of relativity, relativity theory and paradoxes, elementary metric properties of the Minkowski geometry compared to Euclidean analogs, and the Cayley-Klein geometries.
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