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physicist born in Germany who formulated the special theory of relativity and the general theory of relativity

someone who has exceptional intellectual ability and originality

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The Einstein myth suggests that science is "hard," that scientists are unlike us and do their work outside the mainstream of society.
And Einstein knew his own limitations, admitting in 1930 that, "My passionate interest in social justice and social responsibility has always stood in curious contrast to a marked lack of desire for direct association with men and women.
Einstein 1905 is one of these, written for an audience trained in neither history nor science by a former editor of the American Journal of Physics.
When they finally asked him if he realized what he was eating, Einstein reportedly exclaimed, "For goodness' sake.
Price Center for Genetic and Translational Medicine/Harold and Muriel Block Research Pavilion--will usher in an era in which discoveries in Einstein laboratories will be translated into clinical use that saves and extends lives throughout the world.
The same Einstein took part in antilynching campaigns; befriended Paul Robeson and W.
At this point, vis-a-vis the question of how do ideas come about, let me relate an Einstein story that may give some insight into the workings of his mind.
If Einstein showed matter and energy to be interconvertible; so that a small amount of mass may yield tremendous energy, von Hellermann's economical technique exploits the possibilities of a constrained explosiveness.
But if Einstein wanted ``a quiet garden to come to and be let alone in, we will provide it.
Albert Einstein was born on March 14, 1879, into a liberal, secular, and bourgeois German Jewish family.
One hundred years ago, a young patent clerk in Switzerland named Albert Einstein began publishing his revolutionary theories of how the physical universe worked, and the world hasn't been the same since.
Maternity programs at Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia and Einstein Medical Center Montgomery have again been recognized by Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association as Blue Distinction.
The contents are on loan from Jerusalem's Hebrew University, which houses the largest collection of Einstein memorabilia in the world after Einstein left his documents to the University when he died in 1955.
But this week, Albert Einstein is making headlines for his advice on how to live a happy life, and a tip that paid off.