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Synonyms for eighth

position eight in a countable series of things

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one part in eight equal parts

coming next after the seventh and just before the ninth in position


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Eighthly, the archives show that some plans were taken more seriously than others, a finding that sheds some light on the dispute between Keren and Granick concerning the firmness of plans (Granick, 1980; Keren, 1982; Gorlin and Doane, 1983).
Eighthly, that if any person shall knowingly entice, by any means whatever, any such Apprentice, Servant, or Journeyman .
Eighthly, the uses for which additional rural credit is provided should be technically sound.
Spelled with eight letters, EIGHTHLY is the only truthful adverbial number.
Eighthly, people should declutter their work space, as having a neat, clean work space can help improve organization and focus.
Eighthly, people should focus on their breathing, as people who regularly practice Buddhist mindfulness meditation have reported raise in self-acceptance.