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Synonyms for eighth

position eight in a countable series of things

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one part in eight equal parts

coming next after the seventh and just before the ninth in position


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Eighthly, a statement about the nature of anthropology that fits our ATTP field well comes from one of the most interesting recent books on anthropological theory, namely Faye Harrison's (2008) Reworking Anthropology for the Global Age.
Eighthly, many scams involve sending money to people that you have never met for e.
Part of the re-education is, eighthly, the emphasis the Okwara sisters place on women's economic independence.
Eighthly, intellectual property rights will transfer to government if it is required to take over the operation for whatever reason.
Eighthly, they demanded the clarification on process of management and operation as well as ownership of financial institutions in Libya.
For an even richer filling without symmetry, there is EIGHTHLY.
Eighthly, the archives show that some plans were taken more seriously than others, a finding that sheds some light on the dispute between Keren and Granick concerning the firmness of plans (Granick, 1980; Keren, 1982; Gorlin and Doane, 1983).
Eighthly, a question mark hangs over the future of Pakistan and the future of Sino-Pakistan relations.