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a musical note having the time value of an eighth of a whole note


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is set in the agitation of a staccato eighth-note ostinato pattern in the bass under punctuating chords in the treble and a running sixteenth-note figuration.
Similar to Mana's version, phrases ended with an eighth-note preceded by a quarter- or dotted-quarter-note; and there were many syncopated rhythms.
Before discussing issues of meter and tempo in the study more fully it will be useful to consider three ways in which a 4:5 tempo proportion could be deployed, as illustrated in Example 4, where the eighth-note speeds are given as 88 and 110 so as to resemble the speeds in Study Number 14.
A quarter note thus shrunk to a dotted eighth note would be followed by an eighth-note rest.
There are isolated instances of sixteenth notes and eighth-note triplets.
Floating on the Wind" has a steady eighth-note rhythm, creating a calm, wind-like movement over which long, angular lines float.
He also sets quail_immagini as a hiatus rather than an eighth-note fonosillaba.
Including contour in our analysis, we find that each of the eighth-note strings divides into three groupings all of which begin with a change of direction as shown in the example.
The eighth-note pulse remains more or less consistent throughout, until a passage of faster overlapping scales closes off the piece.
In the first two measures of Dream (Example 8), Cage introduces an eighth-note rhythmic idea with various accidental alterations that permeates the entire work.
For example, the listener should palpably feel the eighth-note rest in m.
I am so glad" evokes an appropriately lively running sixteenth-note pattern in the right hand over a dancing eighth-note pattern in the left.
The opening section, a lyrical, dynamic ebb and flow of the resonant metals, develops sequences of eighth-note based meters.
In the middle of the piece, the strong dynamic of fortissimo is a challenge when placed on the sixteenth- and staccato eighth-note motif.
Note the alternation of the three eighth-note figures between the two horns, which can be a bit confusing if one is not expecting it.