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(mathematics) any number such that a given square matrix minus that number times the identity matrix has a zero determinant

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In this section, we outline an improved topography optimization process using the MCA reanalysis method to efficiently estimate the eigenvalues and eigenvectors of a modified design improving therefore, the efficiency of the overall optimization process.
Finally, unsymmetric frictional coupling matrices between components are used to compute the complex eigenvalues and identify potentially unstable frequencies and modes of vibration that could result in or generate brake noise.
The success of the adaptive algorithm in this case can be explained by examining the eigenvalues of a generalized eigenvalue problem which is closely related to a face lemma.
Recently, Shi and Li [9] extended Furta's results to study the case that A is not necessarily a diagonal matrix and the case that eigenvalues of A are resonant [10-12].
Niendorf and Voss [10] take advantage of the fact that all eigenvalues of a definite matrix polynomial can be characterized as minmax values of the appropriate Rayleigh functional and that the extreme eigenvalues in each of the intervals (-[infinity], [xi]),([xi], [mu]), and ([mu], +[infinity]]) are the limits of monotonically and quadratically convergent sequences.
In order to solve the circle formation problem, one should guarantee that all the eigenvalues of A; are located in the unit circle for i = 2, 3, .
j[member of]N] be a sequence of all nonzero eigenvalues of A arranged by considering algebraic multiplicity and with decreasing modulus, and v (A) ([less than or equal to] [infinity]) is a sum of algebraic multiplicities of all nonzero eigenvalues of A.
The eigenvalues and spectrum of A are respectively called the eigenvalues and spectrum of the graph G .
Both of the graphs in Figure 1, "A" and "B," are essentially the same, except that "A" shows the absolute eigenvalues of the components, while "B" represents the relative proportion of variance accounted for by the components.
Lower Bounds for Stekloff and free membrane eigenvalues, SIAM Review, 10, 368-370
Part I covers the basic concepts of linear algebra, including vectors and matrices, linear independence and basis sets, determinants, eigenvalues, product spaces, and orthogonality, canonical forms, matrices with special properties such as Hermitian and unitary, and spectral theory.
The eigenvalues of the adjacency matrix of a graph G having some eigenvector not orthogonal to j are said to be the main eigenvalues of G.
The Leslie matrices, their eigenvalues and the predictions for each set of data were obtained by using the software MATHEMATICA 8.