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(mathematics) any number such that a given square matrix minus that number times the identity matrix has a zero determinant

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Then the eigenvalues of T = [partial derivative]S/[partial derivative]U are {0, [[lambda].
With eigenvalue-one criterion, components with eigenvalues greater than 1 are retained.
In this paper we solve this problem and develop a new technique for structure preserving deflation of infinite eigenvalues via unitary transformations.
In Figures 3 and 4, the complex eigenvalues of the Leslie Matrices corresponding to each set of data are shown.
m] be the eigenvalues of [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], respectively.
General references on graph eigenvalues and related topics include Balmska et al.
AMSES, which runs on both the Windows and LINUX operating systems, computes eigenvalues for fully connected as well as unconnected structures in NVH simulations while dramatically reducing the analysis time.
The axes are linear combinations of the original variables, like that of the PCA, in which the corresponding eigenvalues indicate the amount of variation explained by these axes.
1, the type number = 2 and A has 3 distinct eigenvalues, [lambda] of multiplicity 1, [mu] of multiplicity 1 and 0 of multiplicity n - 2, the type number = 2 and A has 2 distinct eigenvalues, [lambda] of multiplicity 2, 0 of multiplicity n - 2 or the type number [?
There are counterexamples emphasizing the kind of difficulties that one can expect when one ignores the sign of eigenvalues [5].
We study the eigenvalues of the matrices arising in the procedure of recovering the lost samples, finding estimates of their eigenvalues and their dependence on the oversampling parameter and on the number of missing samples.
If a 2x2 invertible matrix a is positive definite and has distinct eigenvalues then the square root of a is given by