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German chemist who did research on high-speed chemical reactions (born in 1927)

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So KGUN created a Viewer Bill of Rights--a set of ethical standards--and asked Eigen, a producer at the time, to also take on the role of viewer representative.
Eigen value analysis for voltage stability identification can be done as follow:
Located at 13366 Grass Valley Avenue, Grass Valley, CA 95945, visit Eigen at www.
The variation of the eigen pulsation ratio having i = 0, 1, 2 and 3 with the inclination ratio is shown in Fig.
Any eigen vector of H is an eigen vector of A, as long as H has distinct eigen values (Cf.
The sum of absolute eigen values of the characteristic polynomial (WD[SIGMA]) is constant for a [WD - [lambda]I] matrix.
Releasing the results of this year's CPI, Eigen observed that the index illustrates once more "the vicious circle of poverty and corruption, where parents have to bribe underpaid teachers to secure an education for their children and underresourced health services provide a breeding ground for corruption.
Private equity firm Eigen Capital is pleased to announce the completion of the acquisition of Solon, OH-based Omega Hose Manufacturing Inc.
providers shall comply with statutory requirements in Norway innan health, safety and environment: Safety declaration of provisional- eigen declaration of provisional health, safety and environment (HSE) in medhald of "Internal Control Regulations".
and wife Rhonda of Lunenburg, David Malatos and wife Lisa of Leominster, Michael Malatos and wife Linda of Leominster, Scott Malatos and wife Louisa of Seattle, WA, Kelly Malatos of Gardner, Susan Malatos of Leominster, Susan Regan and husband Brian of Fitchburg, Scott Paquet of Lunenburg, Sharon vom Eigen of Leominster, Stephen Paquet and wife Lisa of Ashby, Stewart Paquet of Ashby, 21 grandchildren and 13 great grandchildren.
com) at NYU Langone Medical Center is the first medical facility in the Northeast to install ei-Nav|Artemis(TM), an innovative image guidance and navigation system for prostate biopsy that is manufactured by Eigen.
Als Breyten Breytenbach alleen maar poezie had geschreven was zijn schrijverschap al uitzonderlijk en belangwekkend geweest, maar hij schreef in dezelfde adem ook verhalen, romans, reisjournaals, essays, toneelstukken, politieke analyses en manifesten, en tegelijkertijd schiep hij een wonderbaarlijk beeldend oeuvre van schilderijen, tekeningen en grafiek dat een eigen plaats inneemt in de hedendaagse kunst.
Peter Eigen Founder, Transparency International Prof.
Peter Eigen, the group's chairman, said: 'Corruption in procurement plagues both developed and developing countries.