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of visual imagery of almost photographic accuracy

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Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol continues the adventures of Robert Langdon, Harvard Professor of Symbology, a genius with an eidetic memory whose peculiar ability to interpret symbols lands him in hot water more often than his job description would lead you to suspect.
Unassuming and quiet by nature, Aashish has what is called an eidetic memory, also known as a photographic memory and total recall.
Each work at once depicts and replays his signature devices with an eidetic memory.
A Vassar girl with an eidetic memory, Cindy remembers pretty much everything she's seen, heard, or read.
Gifted with an eidetic memory - similar to a photographic memory - and later coupled with her intuition as a mother, Priscilla was able to hear and identify a connection between sounds and the meanings embedded in a baby's cries.