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Austrian who became the Nazi official who administered the concentration camps where millions of Jews were murdered during World War II (1906-1962)

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LAWRENCE DOUGLAS, THE MEMORY OF JUDGMENT: MAKING LAW AND HISTORY IN THE TRIALS OF THE HOLOCAUST 6 (2001) ("[The Eichmann trial] helped to remove an episode of unprecedented atrocity from the silences of shame.
Career Mossad agent Avner Avraham revealed this information, ending decades of official secrecy around the exact role of the Jewish Community of Argentina in Operation Finale, in which Mossad agents flew Eichmann from Buenos Aires to Israel in 1960 to be tried for his role in murdering hundreds of thousands of Jews during the Holocaust, for which he hanged in 1962.
Rafi Eitan, who led the 1960 operation to grab Eichmann, said he persuaded Mossad director Isser Harel to adopt a "one at a time" approach.
Die vergelyking tussen De Kock en Eichmann is nie soseer oor hul dade nie eerder as oor die publieke persepsies van die misdadiger self: De Kock was soos Eichmann 'n ideologies gedrewe misdadiger wat op die ou end moes pa staan vir die vergrype van 'n politieke regime, in die geval die apartheidsregering.
I was not a responsible leader, and as such do not feel myself guilty," Eichmann wrote.
In his letter to then-President Yitzhak Ben-Zvi, Eichmann said he was a "mere instrument" of leaders responsible for the killing of 6 million Jews in World War Two.
Eichmann's more than banal motivation became a topic for public debate with the 2014 publication of Bettina Stangneth's Eichmann Before Jerusalem, which reproduces a series of interviews the Nazi journalist and Holocaust denier William Sassen conducted with him in 1965 in Argentina, exposing Eichmann's full cynicism and zealous commitment to the Nazi cause.
Amid a rash of recent publication, including Deborah Lipstadt's The Eichmann Trial (2011) and David Cesarani's Becoming Eichmann: Rethinking the Life, Crimes, and Trial of a "Desk Murderer" (2006), Bettina Stangneth's book stands out for the fascinating new light it sheds on Eichmann's movements and outlook during the 1950s.
Walter Benjamin's insight into the interpretative effect of historical duration is perhaps nowhere more strikingly borne out than in the case of Hannah Arendt's Eichmann in Jerusalem (1963).
IT wasn't easy to watch and it shouldn't have been easy to watch, but The Eichmann Show (BBC2, Tuesday) was a brilliant and brilliantly-judged drama.
AS ONE of the men responsible for the extermination of six million Jews during the Holocaust, the trial of Nazi Adolf Eichmann genuinely was the trial of the 20th century.
THE EICHMANN SHOW BBC2, 9pm Martin Freeman takes a leading role in this timely drama, which is showing to mark the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz.
EXCLUSIVE FOR Adolf Eichmann, architect of Hitler's Final Solution, it was to be the final reckoning.
THE EICHMANN SHOW BBC2 9pm Nazi Adolf Eichmann was one of the key architects of the Holocaust and his trial, in Israel in 1961, became the world's first global TV event.
In the wake of World War II, Nazi officer Adolf Eichmann was caught in Argentina and taken to Jerusalem to be tried on charges of genocide.