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archeology of ancient Egyptian artifacts

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Ashley Cooke, head of antiquities and curator of Egyptology at World Museum Liverpool, said: "World Museum has one of the largest Egyptology collections in the UK and it's always exciting to discover even more about the objects through X-ray technology.
What is fascinating about the tomb are the inscriptions, because they show that this is a completely new member of the royal family of the Fifth Dynasty," said Miroslav Barta, director of the Czech Institute of Egyptology.
King Professor of Egyptology and Director of the Harvard Semitic Museum, and the first volume in the series will be available in 2015.
In writing a biography of Breasted, Abt has contextualized the socio-cultural milieu primarily from a Western viewpoint; this work does not present a thorough discussion of the state of Egyptology for Egyptians during Breasted's career.
LAURA RANIERI is a Toronto writer and an Egyptology graduate student at the University of Toronto.
At the British Museum, they will show you his scarabs and the catalogue, which describes him as one of the most important collectors of Egyptology.
Egyptian and British contributors include government ministers and specialists in history, economics, Egyptology, business, education, culture, and international affairs.
It is only appropriate to observe, then, that the problematic nature of Wilkinson's book comes as no surprise to a historian of Egyptology.
The university aims to do this by showcasing and continuing its own innovative "hands-on" science-based work with children - which has ranged from science experiments, forensic testing and Egyptology.
The agreement will include the loan of artefacts from the Egyptology collections of the university's Oriental Museum as part of the current Egyptology exhibition at Bowes, and collaboration in the care of collections.
Professor of Egyptology Khaled Azab criticised the concentration of Egyptology on foreign archaeologists, who provoked their Egyptian counterparts by refusing to share their scientific research.
Margaret Maitland, an Egyptology expert at Oxford University, says the 3,500-year-old treasures, dug up in 1922, are "very, very valuable".
A LEISURE centre has become the unlikely venue for Egyptology lectures after lifelong learning sessions at Warwick University were axed.
Johnston's latest qualifier is Egyptology in the 4.
He graduated in Egyptology and Eastern Countries Studies at St Petersburg's state university and later specialised at All Souls College, Oxford University.